The confusion we live in today’s world seems to constantly distract us from the profound revolution in progress, the one we believe in Damanhur represents a real transition between two historical eras. We are in a delicate moment in the history of humankind. There is a constant battle between the emergence of a new awareness, and the resistance to it. Many factors highlight a crisis of values and cultural references, which, if read with hope, seems to be the beginning of a real epochal change, such as the one that started the Renaissance.

Falco often spoke of the future, or rather of the many possible futures, of the great cycles of the planet, as well as the changes that the next few years would hold for us. As far back as October 27, 1977, speaking of the important astrological changes of this century, he announced:

“When the age of Aquarius begins (December 21, 2020 with the conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn), serious problems may occur. The main issues to be faced will be inside each of us, not outside. The real battle will be the one that will take place inside human beings because each of us is a little bit Pisces and a little bit Aquarius. The Pisces part will try to stay alive while the part of Aquarius will be in birth, but they cannot live together. In nature this is not possible: either one is affirmed or the other. At that time, it will become crucial to be reborn from oneself, or one will remain immobile in this stalemate, bringing immobility that is the end of evolution. For this reason, we have to jump on a new train. We will have to build a humanity with different bases, with a different type of society, in short, it will be necessary to do a complete paradigm shift…”

I believe that we need to create together a revolutionary socio-spiritual model and originate a Society that is both New as well as Ancient, capable of restoring freedom of feelings to the center of life, freeing ourselves from arrogance and selfishness. The age of Aquarius represents a rediscovery of the values of renewal, of community, of respect and integration of diversity, of harmony and of the desire to create together a new path for humanity. The third millennium is the time – Falco repeatedly said – to imagine a new Renaissance (described in the book — Liber S), artistically animated by individuals still to be invented, in constant change. A world based on trust in others as well as the future, where life, harmoniously understood, is that of everyone: animals, plants and minerals in tune with the energy and meanings of the new Aquarian Age.

This is our wish for the new year; that this new awareness may arise within each of us, and in all of humanity, that this period is the prelude to the affirmation of this new feeling. That joy, abundance, awareness and love can accompany us in this rebirth.

Orango Riso, head of the Damanhur School of Medit-Action


 “All the human diversities

they understood that they wanted to cherish them

to preserve traditions and

differences, because these are

great riches of spirit. “ 

Excerpt From: Falco Tarassaco. “Liber S”