When we get ill, the first thing we realize is having lost that state of well-being that we often take for granted.
However, the imbalance that illness can create also holds the potential to find new and sometimes stronger points of balance. If our attention and awareness move from the problem to the solution, illness can also be seen as a precious opportunity for rebirth that too often remains hidden by the anxiety and suffering that it stimulates in all of us.

In Damanhur, it is possible to hear about illness in unusual terms. It is connected with the concept of the Grail, a powerful spiritual force that exists between our dimension and others, one that manifests itself among human beings to offer possibilities for spiritual elevation.

Illness is a herald that announces the passage of such an important force, one that speaks to every being and not just to a select few.

Everyone’s direct experience increases the strength of this concept and allows us to gain unique and precious nuances of understanding. In these videos, Ramarra shares her experiences and achievements in moving through illness as an opportunity for inner transformation.

If you want to share your experience with us, please write! It would be a pleasure to read about what illness has changed in your life!