Falco Tarassaco was the founder of Damanhur and a great source of inspiration and light for everyone who met him, and he had a very distinct view on love. We want to share one of his poems about Love with you. Hopefully it will serve as a stimulus to see love in a different way.

Gift of Love, luminous calling,
here I am to confuse your heart,
to take what I feel is mine …
In your breath I hear the soul of your voice,
the astral sense of your sparkling, blinding presence,
a rhythmic whirl spreads over my eyes,
I see you if you are not there …
~Falco Tarassaco


And now, dear Reader, from the stimulus given here, let there an inspiration for poetry come forth from you! Express the Love you have within, and let it take whatever form that now comes to the surface.

Please share with us in the comments below, what does Love move within you?