The totality of the phenomena that are described in magic, as they have come to us from the writings and stories of esotericism, are described and explained esoterically (for the laymen) by Quantum Mechanics. We could say that quantum mechanics and magic share the same phenomena explained in different ways. The difference, even if substantial, is that quantum mechanics deals only (at least apparently) with phenomena occurring at the sub-atomic level, while according to magic they can also happen in everyday life. An example? If you want to cross a wall without going through a door with magic you can do it. At the quantum level the same thing can happen to a particle thanks to the tunnel effect.
And so?


Do I have to become as small as an electron to be a magician?

How is it possible that the esoteric tradition knew so well phenomena that were discovered in 1900, thanks to the intuitions of Planck and the genius of Einstein, that despite it, gave birth to Quantum Mechanics? These two questions have generated in the last forty years many books, many theories and probably will generate a real revolution in knowledge in the coming years as has not happened since the beginning of the 20th century. And yes, because after the many collateral discoveries, an earthquake like the one that shook physics at the beginning of the 20th century, using the words of George Gamow, has not happened since. There is nothing really new today, as were those discoveries.

The matter is zero

But some shakes of warning in truth have already made the seismographs of reason oscillate. So many shakes in truth, starting from the fact that on balance today astrophysics must live with the fact that the total matter of our universe is zero. If this finding produced other disasters in cascade, such as the demolition of the concept of cause and effect, the son of the Roman Empire and of the monotheisms, well then we could easily become aware of the fact that each of us is much smaller than an electron and therefore influence our thinking and go through the walls without any difficulty.

Yes, because to begin to have awareness of the fact that matter does not exist as such, but it is a projection of our senses, it would lead us to the possibility of deciding which reality we want to live without conditioning.

A bit like the bumblebee, who is unaware of the fact that his body defies the known laws of aerodynamics, does not let himself be influenced and flies!