We just released a new book by Falco Tarassaco, founder and spiritual guide of Damanhur — “The poetry of consciousness”. It contains a collection of poems, sayings and stories written by him in his teenage years. Even in those early years he was most of all a dreamer and he felt the inspiration that led him to identify his mission: to establish a spiritual school and a community movement based on the discovery of the divine nature within each one of us. His name back then was Oberto, although he lived all the aspect of a normal life; attending the school, hanging out with his friends, reading a lot; he also lived many out of the ordinary experiences.

A ride between philosophy and spirituality

At that time Oberto, in collaboration with his teachers, published two books, “Poems of my sixteen years” and “Chronicle of my suicide”, which were partly taken up in “The poetry of consciousness”; in addition, the new book contains many unpublished gems, which young Falco collected in his notebooks and always kept with him even as an adult. Today, these notebooks are still kept in the Damanhurian nucleo where Falco lived until his last days.
These notebooks of unpublished works have been recently reviewed by Stambecco Pesco who saw in them a treasure and took care that the new edition gets published. Stambecco writes: “In the writings of the young Oberto you can look for hidden traces of the Awakening of a spiritual awareness, of his deep memories and the characteristics that made him the spiritual guide of Damanhur, the inspirer of a philosophy that combines dream and pragmatism, and the creator of the Temples of Humankind, an underground work that celebrates the deepest values ​​of the human being.”

How can you re-awaken awareness?

Grasping the precursors of Falco’s extraordinary ride in the fields of philosophy and spirituality can help us learn “how to do it”, to awaken one’s awareness. Do you think that what Falco lived, the progressive flowering of his Consciousness, is something that cannot happen to you?”
The journey towards awareness is something that each of us can undertake and Falco’s writings can be a guide towards that goal.

On the other hand, one of the main characteristics of Damanhurian spirituality is art. Through music, writing, acting, and painting, everyone has the possibility to go deeper into themselves and discover how to come closer to discovering the god within. For Falco Tarassaco, ever since he was a teenager, poetry was one of the ways to make life a journey towards realization.

Universal questions and personal answers

In “The poetry of consciousness” you find an anticipation of what Damanhur will be, expressed through the words of a teenager. The fun in reading lies in the fact that we, who know what came next, can interpret those writings, as even the author at the time, could not!
Falco’s youthful writings ask a series of questions that are destined to remain unanswered. Or better yet, they ask questions that each of us can give our own answer. The principle of meditation is to give personal solutions, as long as they are true, to questions that are universal.

The poetry of this book presents the beginning of the solutions found by Falco, whose conclusion is represented today by Damanhur.