The figure of Isis fascinates searchers for Truth of all cultures. Not surprisingly, after the publication of the Damanhur 2019 Calendar, which shows the faces and stories of many divine forces but not of the Egyptian goddess, we often receive the request to speak of her too, since she is considered by many to be a fundamental part of the divine firmament.
Isis is one of the most venerated goddesses in the Egyptian religion. In her resides human and divine aspects and, above all, in her are represented and protected many different elements of material and spiritual life.

Isis is the goddess of fertility, motherhood and magic. Her maternal spirit is invoked in the healing processes, making her a thaumaturgical figure. She is often associated with the throne considered to be the power of the pharaoh, of which it is also considered the heavenly mother. So much so that its first manifestations, dating back to the second millennium before Christ, took place in the rituality linked to the royal dynasties.

Isis is the figure that recomposes the body of her husband, Osiris, killed and dismembered by his brother Seth. Isis restores life to Osiris and is thus honored as lord of the afterlife for having helped Osiris in his steps through the thresholds of life and death, and is recognized as an aid in the passage of humans towards the afterlife.

The cult of the Dea

Son of Isis and Osiris is Horus, which, Isis being considered the divine mother of the sovereign, explains why the figure of the pharaoh was often superimposed on that of the falcon-headed deity. The powers of Isis are great and it was said that she protected the kingdom from enemies, ruled the skies, the natural world and had power over destiny. The cult of the goddess spread also in the Greek world and then in the Roman world. An example of this diffusion is not far from Damanhur. The city near where the federation of communities is located, Turin, is universally regarded as a “magical” city: along with Lyon and Prague, according to esotericists, it forms the triangle of white magic. The most famous religious temple in the city is the Catholic church of the Great Mother which actually stands on the remains of a previous temple dedicated to Isis, a figure evidently very popular in ancient times, even in this part of Europe.

A Great Mother

Isis is basically a “great mother” and this is why she is so present in the current culture. Many things are born from her: new men and new women, certainly, but beyond that in Isis lies the bond between spiritual power and material power, represented by political power. She guides us in the passage from life to death but not only, she is the lady of rebirth, that is, of all the phases of life in which we find ourselves, we turn the page and renew our journey. 
Isis “is there”, always, even when we don’t perceive her.
It is the symbol of a femininity that gathers in itself, both feminine prerogatives; lunar, and mediumship, which are linked to the passage from one state to another, and masculine ones that are linked to action, to power, and to matter.

Proposed meditation

It is the symbol of an awakened femininity, very modern in our time, but even more it seems today as the symbol of the inner balance between feminine and masculine polarity.

It leads us to ask ourselves:

How do the two polarities express themselves within me? How do they find balance and support each other?

Here is the meditation that Isis offers. Opposing and complementary forces such as life and death, fertility and funerary art, and many others which coexist within us, in the same way that male polarity and feminine polarity coexist. Are we able to recognize them, educate them, feed them?
Isis can help us identify them in our inner world, and take care of them.