The enemy exists, in the sense that it is not an abstract concept, it has an abnormal shape and therefore is ‘something else’ compared to human beings.
Different spiritual paths, including ours, are convinced of the existence of an enemy force that wants to prevent the evolution of the soul and at the same time, is inside and outside of us, because life in the macrocosm (universes) corresponds to life in the microcosm (the human being): in short we are a fractal of what exists, including the evolutionary and involutionary aspects.

We are rather far from the teaching of Greek philosophers (from Homer to Sophocles), convinced that evil is the privation of good, ignorance, the absence of ethical principles, while knowledge, culture and wisdom are good.

And we are just as far from the great religions according to which one frees himself from evil by observing the divine precepts (Judaism), or on the contrary certain that it is not possible to get rid of it because everything depends on the will of God (Islamism).

Some small point of closeness could be found in Sant’Agostino, convinced that evil is a characteristic of human nature derived from a disorderly use of free will, or in the words of Pope Bergoglio, when he explains that the Devil is more frightening when he insinuates in our consciousness, making us believe we are friends and therefore not so dangerous.

If we leave philosophers and religions and look at the neurosciences we find small points of contact in the definition of good and evil as values contained in the brain, which have always existed and derive from the action and feeling typical of other mammals (Frans de Waal).

We could even get out of the theoretical philosophy, and have fun looking for some point of contact with the teaching of the Chinese military philosopher and strategist Sun Tzu (544-496 BC), according to whom “the one who pushes the enemy to move, letting him flash opportunity, is assured superiority “.

Here the enemy is represented by the soldier who tries to kill us, but can also be understood with another key. A world of considerations opens up, because we can find ourselves fighting a physical enemy or a part of ourselves and, if things go very badly, both.

The Chinese strategist suggests an interesting idea: do not wait for something to happen, rather make your move to get the situation in hand; do not wait for the thoughts, your dark side of the strength, to end up conditioning the things you do, in case you ever have to face them and you will always have the advantage.

The general explains it this way:

“He who knows the other and knows himself can fight a hundred battles without ever being in danger. He who does not know the other but knows himself, for every victory he will suffer a defeat. Those who do not know the other nor himself will inevitably lose every battle”

We are not so far from what Falco Tarassaco, our spiritual guide, has taught:

“there exists a reality that we can define with the word Enemy, which always tries to dismember, to separate thoughts and actions thanks to which we could become better than we are. It is a destructive force that has no positive aspects, because it is an alien part, alien to our true nature as human beings”

It refers to our Universe, to the laws that regulate life and to everything that may have to do with human beings, with our soul, or spirit, or divine spark and adds:

“Each of us should know our weaknesses and, with will and inner freedom, work within ourselves to defeat them, learning to always better guide our body and mind”

We could also think of the image of a photograph decomposed into many pieces of a puzzle, thrown in random order on a table, to create a puzzle that puts a strain on our patience; nevertheless, we can begin perhaps from the most evident parts, which help us to put together the photograph.

“”The world – said Falco – is colored to allow our divine component to recognize the parts that belong to it”. Moving events, looking for signs and colors that resonate, using imagination and a bit of humor are tools of great help to make progress in this game of reconstruction, between light and shadows.
Always assuming it’s a game …