To find ourselves, and to ignite the energy within us that leads to new discoveries, we need to know how to desire. In the spiritual field, desire is the true engine for change.

We need to know how to do things, take action and transform ourselves, not only because it is important, just, and necessary. We need to learn to desire it a little at a time. Let’s look at an example. Imagine a person who is afraid of change, someone who would like things to stay the same, fearing the new. Making an effort to work on themselves, they will gradually succeed in accepting novelties, changes, unforeseen events, and to shape their character to make it more open to what happens without immediately defending themselves. It will be a great opening and a great growth opportunity for the person. However, it will not be enough. To close the circle, it is necessary for the person to learn to desire change, not just to accept it.

When they are capable of this leap forward in logic, then they will truly have grown spiritually, and as we say in Spiritual Physics , they will have achieved a new level of justice.

Desiring is an important, profoundly spiritual attitude. It means sending a thread from ourselves to that which we want to realize, and gradually strengthening this thread by sending our best energy. In the end, we wind the thread again, bringing it toward us and in this way, reaching our goal.

Through desire, we enter into the stream of Synchronicity, we model the event we desire, making it both more likely to happen and more suitable for us.

This is a characteristic that, even though it includes them, it also goes beyond the normal application of optimism, tenacity, and clarity of intention. It is not by chance that we refer to the “Sense of Desire” as one of the five Inner Senses, those that guide our inner and spiritual life, just like sight-smell-touch-hearing and taste orient our perception in the field of matter.

A spiritual desire is something that is to be created within, seeking what can be important for our growth and not only what attracts us. It is an immense power in our hands, and not only can it really help us to achieve what we are yearning for, it can also make that which seems strenuous at first become beautiful and attractive.

Reality changes when we learn to desire it.