Reality or fantasy?

The word of the Greek philosopher Plato, is not enough, who in two of his “writings”, the Timaeus and the Crizia, had already spoke of it in the fourth century B.C. Atlantis, for the moment, continues to be an image of which many would be ready to set their hands on fire for, and that many others believe to be a beautiful invention of fantasy.

Atlantis, the lost continent, is spoken about by other Greek philosophers, and many ancient and modern researchers, but without evidence and documents, academic history does not take it into account. It is a truth in the balance between imagination, legend and clues that are not enough to make it part of what is studied in books. Something similar happens regarding Noah’s Ark: it was a ship that existed only in the biblical myth until a few decades ago, when evidence was found on Mount Ararat, in Turkey, of a great wooden artefact that had been imprisoned in the ice, where according to the Bible, the Ark got stuck when the waters of the Flood retreated.

Many come from there

The mysteries of history are many and that of Atlantis is one of the most fascinating. It was a continent made up of several islands, in the Atlantic Ocean, east of the North American coast, which after having experienced a period of extraordinary spiritual and technological development would collapse due to a terrible cataclysm. Falco Tarassaco says that by then its inhabitants had dried up and no longer represented the lighthouse of civilizations that had once been, and that signs of the Atlantean culture are to be found in ancient Egypt, in Crete, in some Greek islands, where Atlantis had had time to found some colonies.

Falco also says that not only is recent history the result of a much longer history than is told in books, but also that which are considered mythical civilizations, besides Atlantis, we can remember Mu, Agarthi, Hyperborea, Tuatha De Danann and still many others. They are in many cases human civilizations which had disappeared over hundreds of thousands of years, and that history has begun many times again, glaciation after glaciation, so much so that the prehistory that we know is only the most recent. Atlantis, in its vision, is the seed from which so many successive civilizations have developed.

A precious inheritance

Why is it so important to talk about these issues? Are they not irretrievably linked to the past?
The answer is that it is important to talk about it for specifically this reason! Atlantis is not the fruit of the imagination of ancient men, who gradually nourished it and enriched it with details. It represents instead a precise page of the history of humanity. And also of an important page, rich in content and values!

From the past to today, from generation to generation, the genetic, cultural, philosophical legacy of Atlantis has come down to us and in some way we are all descendants, as well as classical civilizations, even of the Atlantean. Therefore, studying our ancient and mysterious history is like reliving the film of our lives.

Have you ever dreamed of living in an ancient civilization?

Is it possible to study the life of a tree without analyzing its roots? Can we really understand someone without knowing his childhood? The answer in both cases is “No”. So how can we think of knowing our world, if we ignore its origins? Especially those that we have not yet fully discovered, because they represent a kind of great unconscious of history.

Have you ever dreamed of living in an ancient civilization? Have you ever had the feeling of coming from a long way away?

For all these reasons the exploration of Atlantis and the ancient history of humanity is such an important field and it fascinates us: because we feel that from there can come many answers that we seek. In Damanhur it is so important that the Mystery School of Damanhur University includes two courses, in two successive levels, dedicated to this theme.
 As for history and historians, Falco says that little by little the evidence of the existence of Atlantis will become so obvious that no one will be able to ignore it. Just be patient!