How to extend life

It may seem like a joke but it is not: to lengthen our life, making sure that quality grows along with the length, we need to learn how to dream.
In the dream world, when all is well, we are basically spectators, and then during the day we have a lot of fun trying to remember what we have dreamt, and we ask ourselves if the dreams have any meaning. When things go wrong, we sometimes have nightmares and we experience anguish during the night that can often continue to ruin our mood during the day. The dreams obviously have the power to make quite an impression on us. When the day is neither good nor bad, we do not dream, or perhaps we do not remember by day what we dreamt at night. There is a saying; ‘what the eye does not see does not break the heart’, or in common terms, what you don’t know won’t hurt you. But in this case the saying goes ‘the mind doesn’t remember and the stomach doesn’t ache’.
The dream state and waking state are two distinct and real dimensions, and that of the dream world is not as supportive to that of the waking world as we sometimes might think.

A precious activity

The activity in the dream state is really the processing of elements that we have experienced during the day, as if we are digesting the emotional food from which we have been nourished. Today this fact is widely accepted by almost everyone. During the day we conduct our daily life, made up of events that are more or less happy or more or less strong, and then at night we analyze them through our unconscious, and place them within our experience where they become memories, energy and sometimes, even fears. Thanks to the dreams we can also understand the profound meaning of what we experienced, and even things that we had missed before. Other times we may receive insights that we had not been able to analyze during the waking state but that come to mind only in the morning after waking up. The interpretation of dreams from a psychological and psychoanalytic perspective says many interesting things and has taught a great deal about the knowledge of that part of ourselves that is not controlled by conscious awareness..

Solving problems

In all these cases, however, it is always an interpretation of the dream world as if it were a “service” dimension or an extension of the waking, virtual and not real, which serves to unravel the knots of the day. It can be considered a kind of Mr. Wolf of the soul; similar to the character of the film Pulp fiction that “solves problems”.
In reality, this is only one aspect of the dream world. It is not by chance that we use the word “world”. It really is a self-contained dimension, although connected to the other. Simply, in one dimension we live with a physical base and a certain cerebral activity, the beta waves, while in the other we live with a purely energetic base and with a brain activity characterized by a much lower frequency, the alpha and theta waves.
The dream world reveals itself to an adequate analysis, as a dimension in itself. There is a lot of simplification, a sort of dimension of passage, in which the dream is actually nourished by our waking experiences and often cleanses it. It is the dream that is linked to what is normally defined as unconscious and which represents a sort of ‘house’ of the person, of a vestibule from which it is possible to transit to be able to access the dimension of the real dream. Here, we can move with the same action-participation-reaction dynamics that we know how to do in the daytime, during “normal” life.

Towards the lucid dream

To return to the first question, is it in this realm that we can extend our life? If so, how? The answer lies in learning to be awake even during the dream state. We are talking about the lucid dream, the possibility of participating in a perfectly conscious way also in our life in the dream-like dimension.
It is a faculty that we can activate within ourselves. Just as for many other dormant faculties, it is something that human beings had active within themselves, without difficulty, when life took place with a more direct correspondence to the rhythms of nature. The vision of the people was stronger than that of the individual and there was no fear of what we do not know. Then unfortunately it was lost, but it can be recovered. This has even been proven by science, which in the last eighty years has begun to take an interest in the phenomenon.
It is another part of the work towards completeness and wellness.
Let yourself be intrigued!