Allocco Tagete, who has lived in Damanhur for about twenty years, tells us about his meditation on illness and the Grail.

Sometimes we forget about the value of life and fail to give it the right meaning. Even if we are engaged in beautiful and important things, even if, as in my case, you live in Damanhur, and feel yourself to be a spiritual being, living constantly in contact with an extraordinary creature like the Temples of Humankind, to which I have dedicated many years of my life, it is possible that you risk losing sight of something. Now, as I look back, I realize that at some point in my life I felt that everything was going well, and I felt almost immune to every possible mishap. I had forgotten that life is alive and vital, and it does not accept crystallizing into what we have or what we believe. Then, I regained consciousness and awareness, my personal Grail, when at a certain point, suddenly, I discovered that I was seriously ill. My soul, I tell myself today, was bored, and my body told me this with great strength.

Jumping into the sea once again

The experience of illness is never easy for anyone. I wasn’t prepared, I thought I was, but I found out that I wasn’t. Or maybe all in all I was, but it’s always difficult, especially when I wasn’t feeling well, it immediately became clear that I would not have had the time to try alternative therapies or gentle cures. I had to work immediately to change my habits. Not having a choice has further irritated me. 
I covered a whole course of therapies and after a few months, I came emerged from the scary adventure. After a very challenging winter and spring, in June last year, I was finally able to dive back into the sea, and the sensation of the cold water on my skin had never been more pleasant and I had never felt so full of gratitude.

An important dialogue

Even today I have some modesty in talking about it because, after the first moment, the one in which I was very fearful and worried, I had as a constant thought, the desire to maintain consciousness and awareness of who I was, of what I wanted, of the dignity that I wanted to keep even through the discomfort. The love of my companion and the affection of all my friends, Damanhurians and others, was fundamental, but deep down I was alone and truly in front of myself. 
Here comes into play what we call the Grail, that is this primordial energy that you can better contact when you are sick. Thanks to the dialogue with this strength, I realized how important it is to love life, not just take it for granted: love it through people, through one’s dreams, through the sun, the clouds, even through the sacrifices to which the disease forced me to make.

The importance of small gestures

I have learned not only to appreciate more fully all that is around me but also to be more attentive to the things I say, to the expressions I make with my face, to comments, and the small gestures because it depends on those things regarding what the people close to me will feel. I learned, above all, that this does not limit me, but rather it gives me pleasure.
 I can’t help but wonder if the disease will come back. It is possible that it will happen but I understand now, that this is also part of life, and I accept it.

Don’t get me wrong, I would have preferred to learn all these things in a different way, a more pleasant and less invasive way. But this lesson, however it arrived, gave me so much.