Reading and meditating on Rod – Rodzanicy, our divine couple of the month, of Slavic origin and culturally close to me since I am Croatian, I wondered why this divine masculine and feminine couple was born. Rod is the masculine principle, but he does not exist without Rodzanicy, his partner and Goddess.

They were chosen for the month of September because this is the time of the Equinox, which invites us to meditate on the balance between the seemingly opposing forces that guide our lives. In Europe and in our hemisphere, it will be the Autumn Equinox, which brings us closer to the sovereignty of the passive, feminine element of the winter months. However, in the southern hemisphere, it is the Spring Equinox, which leads to the sovereignty of the active element, the masculine one.

According to Damanhurian philosophy – as in many other traditions – every single individual, whether a man or a woman, contains a completeness within. Every individual has a feminine aspect and a masculine one. When Falco, our founder and spiritual guide, was asked questions about the differences between men and women, he would answer that each one of us is always complete, regardless of the fact of being born as a man or as a woman.

How to integrate our energies?

In Damanhur, there is a pathway based on eight “Quesiti,” to integrate all our aspects, both masculine and feminine, and to stimulate and empower us. The Quesiti are questions or research themes, and their resolution requires the application of our mind, our feelings and the most spiritual parts of ourselves. At the highest level of abstraction, which encounters the highest level of practical application, the Quesiti combine the interaction of the laws of the universe and the development of our chakra (which are called Adonaj-Ba in Damanhur), and they give indications for how to move through our lives in a harmonious and energized way.

By integrating the teachings of each Quesito, we discover new ways of thinking, feeling and being.

One Quesito in particular is very much connected to the theme of Rod – Rodzanicy’s union. This is the sixth Quesito, which is about the union of the feminine and the masculine.

To understand it, we need to understand and experience the two previous Quesiti, which help us to reawaken our feminine and masculine aspects, whether we are men or women.

The fourth Quesito, specifically feminine, encourages us to discover our feminine side – with openness and availability, and the profound awareness of representing a stable element of union.

On the other hand, the fifth Quesito brings attention to masculine energies – to the capacity to experience a constant and harmonious inner revolution.

Once we have reached the reawakening of the two polarities within us, the sixth Quesito invites us to unite them within us – just as Rod and Rodzanicy demonstrate to us – in order to activate our power of creation. This is considering not only the creation of life itself, that is, the reproductive power that the union of a man and a woman can generate, but also the power of art, creativity, generosity and goodness.

Finding a mirror

The sixth Quesito also helps us to find ways to creatively direct the energy that is naturally generated when we fall in love. The sparkling energy, the butterflies in the stomach, the feeling of invincibility, all of this can be used not only for the relationship itself, although this is also a beautiful and positive purpose! – but also to reflect the most beautiful aspects of ourselves in the other.

We can find our talents and the energy to express them in the Principle (masculine or feminine) that completes us, as if it were a mirror.

The love you feel for a beloved can expand to include others, and even life itself. Falling in love with a person then becomes a spark for igniting a love for life, expanding to the mystical love for Being. Eros is then expressed on its highest and most spiritual level. This can happen if we rediscover the ancient and marvelous dance between the masculine and the feminine that the divine couple Rod – Rodzanicy teaches us to pursue.

If you feel that in your life, there is beauty, art and life that is shared with others, then you know that you have integrated the teaching of the sixth Quesito. If you feel you want more, then be bold and love, open your heart and learn to find the beauty in everything. It is from within yourself that the spark is ignited.

For you, what is it that represents the totality of a human being, as an integration of the feminine and the masculine? How are you reaching it?

Bertuccia Bietola