The term “magic” is a word with multiple meanings. The first that we can explore is that which Falco gives us: together with all the knowledge of humanity, both the obvious and the reserved, that which is shared such as the scientific knowledge, and that which is reserved. It is almost an enlightened vision since it affirms that everything that is known, for this simple fact, regardless of any context, becomes part of magic.

Will and knowledge

A second definition, almost literary but belonging to the sphere of everyone’s experience, is that of enchantment: the magic of a smile, of a landscape, of a work of art, is something that transports us to a different dimension compared to the one in which we find ourselves; it is something that evokes, even if only in a romantic way, a state of a particular, higher being.

The third is the definition of illusion: from Houdini to David Copperfield, a certain type of magician is the one capable of creating an apparent phenomenon, as is typical of magicians, declaring to apply a trick (which should never be unveiled).
The most classical definition, however, is that which indicates it as the ability to direct events according to their own will and the use of appropriate knowledge. This is the magic to which some believe and others do not, that some mock and others study, that some fear and others accept superstitiously.

Like mathematics and poetry

For Damanhurians magic exists, of course! In all four definitions. If the third definition is a type of lounge magic, exciting but fatuous, albeit a lot of fun to watch and practice, others are part of the things that are important in life.
It is important to learn that all areas of knowledge are valuable and deserve to be deepened, in order to better understand the world in which we live and to be able to observe it with the widest possible lens. Falco was very keen to stress that magic, while being a delicate and complex art like no other, belongs to the sphere of human skills, such as mathematics and poetry.

At the same time, it is not only important but fundamental to have an open, romantic vision, full of the emotion of life; being able to grasp the enchantment of things, not as naive gullible people but as people who are pure and desirous of being led towards joy from harmony and the charm of the universe.

Where magic is joy

The ability to intervene on reality and try to direct events is an objective of research in Damanhur, both through the study of ancient esoteric traditions and through personal experimentation. From this point of view, the Damanhurians believe in magic and Damanhur is definitely a magical place. During the year there are many events in Damanhur dedicated to deepen this vision of the world.

“Magic is a way of being in the world and an instrument to understand and use its laws, to which humanity has always dedicated itself.”

Falco Tarassaco