Solstices and the Equinoxes are beats of the heart of our planet that remind us that we are part of the whole. Without the rhythm of the sun, the breath of the trees and the lunar tides what would we be? Would our homes be enough to protect us from the cold of a day without the planet we call the sun? And would the crops grow without the satellite we call the moon? Stopping to reflect on the endless connections that generate life on earth is important.

Do not assume that the car will start tomorrow morning and that it will take us to work, that the computer will connect to the internet and we can communicate with the other part of the world … if the sun does not rise, nothing can happen.

Many will think: “how absurd, why should the sun not rise tomorrow, if it always rises and sets?” True, but if everything we do comes from this rhythm, why underestimate it and take it for granted?
The detachment from this heartbeat of the common heart leads one to think that our life depends on the electric network and the wireless, the strike of gas stations and public transport, while everything truly depends on our connection with nature and its forces…

These days bring great gifts of awareness, if we are ready to catch them. All the peoples of the world have continued to fill the Solstices with meanings: from east to west, from north to south these are the days when the Gods are born and in which children are born linked to them. The doors that connect the star roads to the Synchronic Lines that cross the planet open up and pour on us unique energies and information.
In Damanhur these are days of summary, each one takes stock of what he has achieved and what he wants to conquer in the next year. They write their own Letters of intent and together they evaluate the direction in which to project.

A tip for you: in these precious moments, celebrate and have fun, but also find the time to go out, alone, in nature and listen. Breathe and hear what the earth, the sky, the wind, the plants and the animals that surround you have to say. Away from habits, an ancient voice speaks to us …
Happy Solstice!