The first anecdote I want to share on the topic of sensitivity to plants is one of the most extraordinary that I have experienced regarding this theme. It might even be considered valuable from a “scientific” point of view.

I was accompanying a group of friends of Damanhur in visit, who are involved with rediscovering the Celtic tradition and keeping it alive. The leader of this group, Yogendra, was carrying his sleeping daughter who was just a few months old. There was a potted cyclamen plant making music, one that was already an expert “musician.” While I was explaining to the group of about 15 Italian and Spanishcommunion with the plant kingdom guests how the Music of the Plants works, the baby woke up, looked around, and without hesitating, she turned toward the plant that was playing music and greeted it with a melody, making some typical sounds that babies make. The plant stopped singing its melody and repeated the exact sounds and notes that the baby had made.
Then the plant made other sounds that the baby repeated with her little voice. It went on like this like a call and response for about 15 minutes. Everyone who was there in that moment realized the extraordinary nature of what has happening, and we all felt very touched by it. The Spanish women were so moved that they began to cry.

How did a four or six month old baby know where the music was coming from? It could have been coming from any number of sources, though she identified the plant as the “musician.” It’s a mystery. My guess is that something happens around the plants when they play music, something we don’t see. Maybe they are nature spirits that are attracted by the music, or some other phenomenon that a baby can perceive and we can’t. Then, the dialog of simple sounds that occurred means that there is some form of understanding between babies and plants. An interesting idea to experiment with further.

Camaleonte Oleandro

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