We need your help to fight malnutrition in Guédé Chantier, the Senegalese sister village of Damanhur!
By December, we would like to plant 1,600 fruit trees, and we are seeking funds to finance this important initiative.The project is a medium-term strategy to stop wind erosion and ensure basic food for the community, in preparation for 2023 when the population growth will increase and food resources will be totally insufficient.

When the idea of ​​a sister village relationship between Damanhur and Guédé Chantier was born during the General Assembly of Gen-Europe in 2013, we decided from the beginning to create concrete initiates in support of the people of Guédé. Food preservation was the first goal that we worked on. Nutrition is a crucial theme for Guédé Chantier, where food abounds for two to three months a year, but because of the lack of preservation techniques, tons of vegetables are wasted with disastrous consequences of malnutrition in the following eight to nine months.

The first practical action was the organization of a course on food preservation techniques held by two Damanhurians, directly in Senegal. Today, reforestation is another important step to offer a better quality of life to the residents of Guédé.

Guédé Chantier is located in the north of Senegal in the Sahel region near the Sahara desert. Like many other villages in the valley of the Senegal River, it has been struck by desertification due to climate change and economic activities undertaken in the region. As a result of environmental degradation, daily reality includes peaks of heat, sand storms, general impoverishment and exodus from rural areas.

Community and family orchards make Guédé much greener than the neighboring areas. However, its vegetation is subject to great risk; the trees are aging and are over-exploited due to the daily use of wood for domestic purposes. Planting new trees is crucial to compensate for the loss of dying plants and to counterbalance the effects of over-cutting.

Damanhur Education, in collaboration with Ecovillages of the Sahel (REDES), needs your support.

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