At the base of the creation of a Sacred Woods, there is an operation of “alliance” with the trees of the area, an operation that we called “orientation” in Damanhur. It is an act of awareness towards the spiritual consciousness of plants, combined with a practical action that connects the tree itself to the consciousness of all the trees: an act that “orients” each tree so as to make it completely present in the consciousness of the tree network. We humans have destroyed the natural network of roots and connections that once connected all the trees on the planet, we have knocked down billions of trees, destroyed forests and completely transformed the natural landscape. We live surrounded by young trees, chosen and planted largely by humans for aesthetic needs, and we have forgotten that trees are a part of our soul, and that without the contact with plants even our existence has less spiritual depth.

Intervening with consciousness to allow each tree to connect in a new network, not physical but energetic, will allow to recompose a plant intelligence that will be able to make the trees more adaptable to climate change. Above all, it will enable them to interact with the human plan. The planetary crisis in which we find ourselves can be solved only with a true collaboration of all the living forces of the planet, aware and awakened, in a mutual alliance towards evolution and consciousness.
This operation, which continues to involve many people in the world, has led to the connection of tens of millions of trees all over the planet, including the oldest ones that exist such as ‘Old Tjikko’ in Sweden and ‘Methuselah’ in California – as well as many other wise trees from all continents.

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