Avoiding commercial cleaning products in favor of “natural” ones… well, it might not prevent you from coming into contact with substances that are harmful to humans and the earth. It’s not so easy to understand if soaps and detergents are really “organic,” “earth-friendly” and “ecological” or just marketed as such, since labels often have ingredients listed that aren’t comprehensible without specialized knowledge. There’s a myriad of information on the internet about the subject, though it’s often not verified or clear.

At Damanhur, we have an association “Mil” that is experimenting with the production of detergents for home use, amongst association members. Cinghiale Equiseto, one of the participants of this project, shares about the experience.

How many times have we found an ecological cleaning product to be unpleasant or ineffective, or found out that a product that we liked was bad for health and environment?

In our association, doing this research, we strive to find the best balance between ecology, hygiene, practical use and pleasantness. What’s better than creating a detergent from zero, being able to select all the ingredients and test its quality, effectiveness for cleaning, and environmental impact, without being subjected to commercial considerations? Also, having such a close circle from producer to user (for us, it’s the same people!), this allows us to always have a clear idea about what we are using and to receive quick feedback about needs and preferences, in order to modify the products right away.

It’s a fascinating field. I enjoy sharing ideas amongst our members and always seeking out the best solutions.”



What other products in everyday use would you like to see created ecologically in home and community?