Macaco and Inti are a unique Damanhurian couple. Inti is a Peruvian architect. Macaco is a German jazz singer, as well as the President of Damanhur Education and the Damanhur representative within GEN Europe.
During their recent trip to Peru, they met the representatives of GEN in South America, whose organization is called CASA (Consejo de Asentamientos Sustentables de las Americas), to exchange experiences and knowledge at various places, including “Universidad la Catolica,” one of Lima’s largest private universities.

Macaco tells with emotion that there were around 200 people present at the event, all interested in deepening exploration of sustainability which is expressed in the life of ecovillages in four main areas: social, ecologic, economic and global – meaning a vision of the world that also includes the aspect of spirituality.

The meeting began with an ancient Inca ritual officiated by the representatives of CASA, and despite the fact that the academic environment is not inclined to host this kind of event, the audience was interested and impressed. After the presentation of the activities of GEN and CASA, there were three hours of questions about Damanhur. “We were really surprised about how much interest there was,” says Macaco. “We have also met with other groups, and we were struck by how strongly these people feel a bond with spirituality in everyday life. There is a great yearning to know and to exchange experiences in all areas!”

Macaco and Inti’s visit coincided with floods that have devastated many villages. “After a few days in Lima, we went north to the mountains where Inti’s family comes from,” Macaco continues. “We were passing through a Peru that was disturbed by the incessant rains and floods that lasted almost two months, all due to climate change.

It was really terrible to see villages, cities, new highways destroyed, so many homeless people, and all this because of the overheated sea that evaporates humidity which then meets the cold mountain air. After visiting another part of the family, we returned to Lima with a heart full of sadness.”

Inti and Macaco returned to Damanhur full of inspiration and with the desire to keep alive the contacts and exchanges that were opened with this wonderful popolo (people), full of warmth and desire for change.

One of Damanhur’s most important missions is to help all those who want to create communities in the world, so our two ambassadors will surely go back to this beautiful land soon…