Formica Coriandolo

The place I love the most in the Temples of Humankind is the corridor leading to the deepest area of the Temples, carved into the bare rock and left as it is, as it was when we dug it out, because it brings me back in time and reminds me of when the Temples were still an unspeakable secret, more than 25 years ago.

When I tell the people who come to visit the Temples that, back then, we all worked together at night in a chain of people, passing each other buckets filled with rock from the halls of the temple, passing them along the corridors until they reached the open air… They usually blink their eyes and exclaim, “I can’t believe it!” or “Impossible!” or even “But how did you do it?”

Strange, when I think about it, the first thing I remember is that it wasn’t difficult. On the contrary, it was irresistible to meet each other there, joking, laughing and singing together until late at night, counting the buckets to bring out at least one more than the number extracted by the group that had worked the previous evening.

I don’t remember the fatigue, but rather the exchanges and emotions shared with those who worked beside me, and also the laughter, the teasing, the jokes!

We were not only digging in the mountains, we were digging into history, into imagination, and inside of ourselves.

We were creating a new, sacred and unique space in the world, full of our dreams, ideals and visions.

We were leaving a mark in time, like small yet great gods who create life where it didn’t exist before.

Digging in the Temples, bringing light and beauty to a virgin place, never before inhabited by the breath of human beings, it was like creating a modern Noah’s Ark, like planting something alive and pulsating in the heart of our planet, a seed that could germinate a new time, a new hope, an alternative direction to what exists “outside of the earth” and that is taking us to a point of no return.

Digging in the Temples of Humankind and filling them with works of art was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. It allowed me to touch with my own hands how much magic we have within us and between us.