To create a connection with the energies of the Earth and the cosmos, in Damanhur you will find kilometers of colored stone labyrinths that branch off into the green and can be traveled in a moving meditation. The Circuits of the Sacred Woods stretch for many kilometers, creating a magical pattern visible from the sky, like those of the ancient South American civilizations. Inside the Circuits, modulated energies flow to be beneficial to human beings, both on an individual level and to create union and group harmony, aligning thoughts and emotions.

The first Circuits were traced on this hill in 1995, and still are added, when there are the right seasonal, astronomical and energetic conditions. Each stone is placed by hand, then cleaned and colored. This process is repeated every year, so as to “charge” each stone with human attention and presence. The larger stones, painted in yellow, meander through the whole forest, and create the energetic connections between the different areas.

Percorsi di pietre colorate che aiutano la salute come una meditazione in movimento

The first Circuits are those traced by Falco Tarassaco (1950-2013), founder and Spiritual Guide of Damanhur. Falco began this extraordinary artistic and magical work in the large lawn in front of Ognidove, tracing signs on the grass with a stick. Some Damanhurians followed him with white lime, thus reproducing the route on the lawn. Others went on a mission along the river to get the necessary stones. Falco continued this work for several weeks, never pausing, never returning to an already traced line. In doing so, he produced extremely complex patterns on impervious and often difficult to access surfaces. Studied in the following years, these patterns revealed to be based on regular measurements and angles and absolutely precise mathematical ratios.

Each Stone Circuit is connected to a Hall within the Temples of Humankind, the extraordinary work of sacred art built in the heart of the mountain on which the circuits are located. The corresponding Hall is indicated on the sign placed outside the entrance of the Circuit itself. Going through these Circuits and the paths in the Woods is like exploring the Halls of the underground Temple, breathing the beauty of the sun, the air and the stars that tell of the union of the human world with the world of nature and its Forces. In the circuits there is a pure energy field, which allows direct contact with our divine part. Following them in meditation transforms them into active, three-dimensional Mandalas.

The Circuits also modulate the innate therapeutic energies of the Earth and act, at various distances from the ground, on various areas of the body. Also for this reason the three Pyramids that are inside the Circuits are lifted from the ground.
The Pyramids – the red, the yellow and the blue – have different colors to be used also as spaces of harmony and well-being, through the effects of color therapy. They are built according to the measurements of the Pyramid of Cheops and, on the upper vertex, crystal pyramids are positioned to increase their potential. Below the floor of the Blue Pyramid there is also a “carpet” of quartz that comes from the Temples of Humankind and creates an energetic connection and exchange of information.
At the center of a blue spiral located next to the colored pyramids, there is a comfortable chair made of stone. It is the ideal place for wellness therapies or to meditate alone and connect with nature and the forces of the earth. The spirals are kind of “energetic greenhouses” that favor the rebalancing of the subtle energetic fields, to restore the wellbeing of the aura and the cleansing of the sensory channels.

In addition to the basic functions indicated on the signs, the Circuits more easily connect with the subtle beings of the territory and can be used for many types of research, because thought and human presence activate personalized potentials.
The different colors of the stones help the concentration of the mind in the distance and stimulate different sensations and emotions in the body, as demonstrated by the color therapy. You can use different pace rhythms and different steps depending on the sensitivity of the person and the inspiration of the moment. The power of gestures made in a Circuit is increased, as well as their beneficial response on the body’s organs and on the well-being of the mind and spirit.