The intelligence, sensitivity and perception of the plant world has been a topic of great interest for all of us since the very beginning of the community. In Damanhur, over time, many experiences of telepathic and emotional contact with trees and house plants have been conducted, which have also resulted in seminars that are open to the public, as well as Music of the Plants performances available on CD

Many experimental devices have been developed by our technicians specializing in electronic circuits, especially during the 1980s, to study the communication and reactivity of the plant world. There have been small electric motor vehicles that plants could control, self-managed greenhouses where the plants controlled the water and the opening of curtains for exposure to the sun, and locks that opened when the plant perceived the arrival of their owner, and other kinds of playfulness.

The conclusion is that plants think, perceive, react, communicate with each other and are available to do so with humans. Perhaps the most interesting characteristic of the plant world is the capacity to identify itself as a collective being. A blade of grass identifies with the field rather than its own stem, and every major shrub up to adult trees have both a strong personal identity and a strong group identity.

Falco Tarassaco explained that the plant world, and by extension the world of nature, instinctively lives in this condition of overall existence. A clearing, a water source, a tree-lined slope of a hill, a meadow, they all develop a collective personality where all the distinct personalities of every form comes together.

Billions of connections flow underground through the connections of all the roots present, which would make any computer envious. This also explains the manifestation of entities, nature spirits, those forces who inhabit and animate natural environments and are perceptible by those who are very sensitive. Rather, as Falco said, they can be perceived by those who do not refuse to perceive them – out of fear, principle, presumption.

We Damanhurians relate to the Sacred Woods Temple as a single being. The messages that it sends us through dreams and intuitions that come through the labyrinths and spirals, demonstrate every day that the woods has a clear awareness of the totality of its own soul. In addition, a woods is a temple by its own nature, a place of encounter and exchange between natural kingdoms of different dimensions, and it ceases to be when it is degraded and exploited, when its essence is distorted.

Have you ever talked to a tree or listened to the voice of the woods? Tell us about your experience. Every opportunity to share these unique encounters is precious!