Damanhur represents an example of an alternative life and community for many people around the world. We have always welcomed guest and friends – they have visited our territories, the Temples of Humankind, celebrations and cultural performance, but our nucleo homes were reserved for damanhurians and some very close friends.

In September 2010 everything changed! We decide to open our doors to the world; we sent invitations in 8 languages to anyone that wanted to join us, to live together with us in our homes.

Why? We felt that the moment had arrived to open and make visible to the world our reality, to give an opportunity to everyone with a desire to learn more about the social and spiritual path that had changed our lives, and could change the world, too.

This is what the New Life project was born for, to open the possibility to all who want to walk side by side with us and share adventures, responsibility, laughter and activities. Thousands of emails started to arrive, and soon the first temporary citizens were among us. Some damanhurians were enthusiastic and some were skeptical …they worried about the language barrier.

How can we communicate daily life, how can we explain in only three month the complexity of Damanhur? We all agree that the smile is a language that everybody understands. And so we opened the doors, we made space in our homes, constructing rooms, changing inner organizations… many damanhurians decide to volunteer to give lessons about Damanhur, philosophy, social life, even Italian. We created nice badges made of wood so that temporary citizens are easily recognized and distinguished from guests.

Break time

A few hundred people have arrived from all over the world. It is a rich experience also for us, it helps us to review damanhurians concepts that we sometimes take for granted. We have found that to answer many questions it is useful for us to remember the origin and tradition, to share the significance and value of the things we do. We found it to be exiting to share those emotions with new arrivals.

As a result, Damanhur has become more international.. Danish, Belgium, Norwegian, French, English, Spain, Romanian, Croatian, Slovenian, Estonian, Bulgarian, Austrian, German, Greek, Israel, Japonese, Taiwanese, New Zealander, Australian, Brazilian, Canadian, American …

Damanhur has had the pleasure to welcome all temporary citizens and to hear their sounds, laughter and languages. Some of them decided to stay and become permanent citizens, entering more deeply into Damanhurian social and cultural life. And best of all, they have started to bring change by participating actively in our goals, particularly in one of our primary goals for this year: nutritional self-sufficiency for over 500 people in one year.

Some have become an active part of our musical and theatre exhibitions, researchers in alternative energies, collaborators and all bring their magic touch home into our nucleos through language, food, clothing …

Two years later, the New Life project continues to be ACTIVE and enriches our daily lives.

Are you curious to see how it is possible to live together in friendly, constructive relationships, united by one big dream?

What do you need in order to try a New Life?

Gioco della Vita
Wapiti & Raganella L.