Best wishes for new year 2018
by Delfino Mogano


The year 2018 sees the permanence of the expanding Jupiter in Scorpio until November 8, in great harmony with Neptune, which is found in Pisces, and with Saturn and Pluto that are in Capricorn. Aspects between these slow planets generally benefit all Water Signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) and Earth Signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo).

Uranus is at the crossing point between Aries (where it was for about 7 years) and Taurus. In 2018 this planet will enter Taurus (after about 84 years) on May 15th, until November 6th when it will return to Aries and will remain there until March 6th 2019, then it will return to Taurus, where it will remain for the next 7 years.

The red planet Mars, is faster than the previous planets, in fact in about a year and a half, it runs through the whole zodiac.
These are the dates of entry into the Signs in 2018: Mars begins the year in the Scorpio; 26/1 enters into Sagittarius; 17/3 in Capricorn; 16/5 in Aquarius where it will have a period of retrograde (from 26 June to 27 August, which will bring it back to Capricorn in the period between August 13 and September 19), then it returns to Aquarius; on 15/11 and enters Pisces where it remains until 1/1/2019.

The rapid planets, eg. Sun, Mercury and Venus will remain quite close to one another, following the monthly rhythm of the zodiac signs.

In one year, the moon completes the entire zodiac tour about 13 times (which is why it is connected to our moods, making them so varied).


Forecasts for 2018

Until 17/3 there are better chances of using your energy especially for new developments. From 17/3 to 16/5 there will be more difficulties and contrasts due to your impatience or insecurities and lack of clarity. From 16/5 your energy level improves again, until the end of the year. Renewing the many ideas and projects that in recent times have not been lacking, but indeed, many have been born and cultivated.
3415 – The journey is not propitious. Like the ritual during the full moon, so is the seed at the new moon. Wait. – With fantasy, invent solutions. But now wait.
30 – SERVANT – Paid staff, employee, servant, slave, tied to money, lackey, subjection, dependence, mercenary, obligation, contract that binds…
5 – Movement, unexpected change. Having experiences. Knowing how to adapt. Freedom, progress. Color: sky blue. Stone: turquoise. 5th Quesito.



Saturn and Pluto are in harmony with your sign throughout the year, which greatly contributes to strengthening both the capacity for new and broader elaborations that renew the value of what has been done so far. The long period from 16/5 to 15/11 will see accentuated nervousness, indecision and disagreements on the lines of action to follow for your projects. Jupiter in opposition to your sign foreshadows  pride with less ability to measure the dose of your expectations.
4616 – An important appointment. Even a leaf falling has a reason. – Meet yourself now. Present yourself. Synchronic door.
14 – TEMPERANCE – Inner peace, serenity, ability to observe without being compromised, coldness, adaptation, communication, conciliation, sociability… influence: Mercury-Moon
8 – Organization, planning, entrepreneurship. Responsibility. Efficiency. Power of action, practical, strength! Color: black. Stone: onyx. 8th Quesito.



Until 26/1 and then the six months from 16/5 to 15/11, the energy of Mars is by your side to recharge and make you feel brilliant. The less favorable period is from 26/1 to 17/3 when you have to be careful not to be too impulsive, especially in your contact with others. Remember that in some moments, little lucidity may remain, due to the dissonance of Neptune, which tends to make the imagination work but without the necessary practical feedback.
4435 – Those who guide you are listening to you. Protection. Not yet perfection. – On the whole, indulgent consideration.
64 – DARK -HAIRED MAN –  Merchant, negotiator, mediates goods, banker, calculator, speculator, media expert, consumer tastes…
2 – Collaboration, union, compromise. Sensitivity, listening. Knowing how to advise (others). Color: orange. Stone: selenite/silver. (If 11: revelation). 2nd Quesito.



Jupiter on one hand and Neptune on the other, are your points of strength and reference throughout the year. Synonyms of creative energy, new projects and wide, inspired visions. From 17/3 to 16/5 special attention must be paid, because this is the most difficult period in which the difficulties related to your concerns, doubts or uncertainties become more evident that you find yourself living, especially in the world of relationships.
4654 – A “maybe” makes you think and discover the answers by yourself. – Apparently negative change.
1 – THE MAGICIAN – Start, first cause, understanding things as a whole, the ego. Strategy, border science, experimentation, mercurial influence, essence, alchemy, contained power…
8 – Organization, planning, entrepreneurship. Responsibility. Efficiency. Power of action, practical, strength! Color: black. Stone: onyx. 8th Quesito.



This year Jupiter’s non-harmonic position could cause pride to grow excessively and make the approach to your inner world a little superficial, or find it difficult to achieve balance in your environment or home. From 26/1 to 17/3 there is a favorable period for your initiatives, while from 16/5 to 15/11 you will need to develop the sense of self-control in order not to give in to possible divergences and probable discussions with others which could become heated.
1561 – A negative answer to a negative question. On the changeable path, two negations affirm. – Starting again.
THE FOOL – Disorganization, impulsiveness, irresponsibility, superficiality, but also innocence, improvisation …
6 – Harmony, education, equilibrium. Responsibility. The importance of feeling. A time for being home. Color: blue. Stone: lapis lazuli. 6th Quesito.



Your Sign is well placed in the general movements of the year, not affected by particular contrasts, indeed living different and very advantageous conditions. Regarding your energy and the possibility to express it at its best, the most favorable times are up to 26/1, then from 17/3 to 16/5 while from 15/11 at the end of the year you have to be more attentive to others, listening more and being less reactive. Expected important developments in exchanges (cultural and/ or commercial), as well as new interests and curiosities.
5541 – The changeable sound. Music of Contact. Breathing. – Predispose yourself to “feel”; an intuition.
56 – CRITIC – Embarrassing position or situation. Examination, investigation, censure, judgment, details discovered, clues, trials…
5 – Movement, unexpected change. Having experiences. Knowing how to adapt. Freedom, progress. Color: sky blue. Stone: turquoise. 5th Quesito.



The reasons that make you feel a bit ‘confused’ in these years of your life may be more evident, as if something inside of you was never in the right place, especially from 17/3 to 16/5. If you feel that something is not quite right within you, it could manifest itself perhaps in an unbalanced way and be dictated by a certain impulsiveness, or, on the contrary, remain as a burden within you. From 16/5 onwards, however, your expressive energy returns to being constructive, proactive and brilliant.
6626 – Even a delay is Synchronic. New thoughts, old thoughts renewed. Research. – Knock down the tower of old thoughts. 16.
57 – HOPE – Wait, wait with trust, plan, will, positive desire, wish, imagination that prepares, predisposition toward all the good that will come…
4 – Build, explore, self-discipline Method and constancy. Work, useful occupations, make projects. Color: green. Stone: emerald/gold. (If 22: concrete dreams and idealism) 4th Quesito.



A year of growth and development, possible both in the material field and in experience and psychic maturation, as it tends to repeat itself every 12 years (Jupiter cycle). A year that also provides for important openings of an ‘artistic’ or ‘inspired’ type. Take into consideration all the aspects of your character that are more sensitive, dreamers and mystics, as there are many ways that can lead you far away. From 16/5 to 15/11 the dissonance of Mars (your planet) could make you exaggerate in the use of energy (waste), or make you more nervous and irritable, things that you have to control to balance them.
1323 – In the Spiral, you resolve. The True God. Ask yourself a question before continuing. – Reading, learning.
18 – THE MOON – Imagine me, dream, vision, appearance, appearances indistinguishable from reality, illusions, misunderstandings, preconceptions that distort the choices … Influence Moon active.
8 – Organization, planning, entrepreneurship. Responsibility. Efficiency. Power of action, practical, strength! Color: black. Stone: onyx. 8th Quesito.




In 2018 you travel quite fluidly in usually friendly currents, but there may be possible moments of confusion (you should already know this, as it has been a constant in these last years, due to the dissonant position of Neptune), especially as deep sensations. The long period from 16/5 to 15/11, with Mars in harmony, spurs you to an ‘awakening’ of curiosity and interest in everything around you, supporting a push that brings variety and intensity of stimulation, all very interesting potential, especially if aimed at the future.
6365 – The health of others. Right now, your help is synchronic. Meeting. – A prayer of yours to the On-High not for yourself, changes the Synchronic Lines and makes them favorable.
62 – FRIENDSHIP – Friendship, affinity, tenderness, disinterested attention, altruism, relationship, correspondence, spiritual closeness, generosity…
3 – Communicate, connections, public presentation, guide. Extroversion. Express yourselves, avoid exaggerations, have fun. Color: yellow. Stone: topaz. 3rd Quesito.


In the two-year period 2018-2019, you re-define your ‘basic structure’ in a conscious and realistic way. In you a process of transformation has been under way for some years, perhaps still invisible to your eyes, but deep and unstoppable. Now with the passage of Saturn in your Sign, his natural home, it can become ‘programmable’ (at least in part) and give you the feeling of the strong vital recharge that comes from it. Up to 26/1 and from 15/11 to the end of the year, you can more easily see which lines are of interest to you and of possible developments to which you need to tend, but also in the remaining months this program proceeds harmoniously.
4543 – The sun shines even when it is raining. You know it, but you forget it. Being in tune means being available. – From an image a memory. New forces.
69 – EFFECT – Realization, project that can succeed, success, completion, fulfillment, positive, optimism that is helpful…
1 – Action, decision, initiative, courage. Independence. Personality, creativity, begin something. Color: red. Stone: ruby. 1st Quesito.


The initial period of the year, that is until 26/1, is the one that can make you better understand what the main difficulties for you will be in all of 2018, because Mars combined with Jupiter, both dissonant with your sign, tend to magnify how within you is not balanced and therefore leads you to a non-harmonious use of your energy. After 26/1 there will no longer be the physical charge of Mars to export this form of ‘discomfort’ and will remain only, in a more bland part of Jupiter, in itself much more accommodating. From 16/5 to 15/11 Mars is in Aquarius: so much vitality, energy, courage and initiatives in every field (be careful not to overdo it).
1654 – Today, plants and animals are not favorable to you. – Stalemate. Harmonizing.
58 – ROAD – Path, trail, means, way, street, expedient, career, route, direction, orientation…
6 – Harmony, education, equilibrium. Responsibility. The importance of feeling. A time for being home. Color: blue. Stone: lapis lazuli. 6th Quesito.


Only from 26/1 to 17/3 are energies contrasted with your sign (we only talk about slow planets, the other planets interact in different ways every month), contrasts that could arise in public, professional or role management. 2018 is generally interesting for you especially for the concrete possibilities that are at stake, in making your ideas become more realistic, your ideal projects and the dreams that you share with friends. From this point of view of your inspiration, it can really be your guide, an inspiration that will be much more stable and profound as you begin to realize what it is.
4253 – Ruin. Fall. A Trial. As long as you are not touched, everything is easy. A minuscule test is for you very hard.- Strength is being able, if necessary, to receive a beating and say thank you.
45 – INHERITANCE – Successions, inheritance, dowry, laws, donations, offerings, traditions, customs, finding lost things, gain of compensation…
5 – Movement, unexpected change. Having experiences. Knowing how to adapt. Freedom, progress. Color: sky blue. Stone: turquoise. 5th Quesito.