Psst … Today I will share a secret with you! There is a Damanhurian tradition, not so visible to most people, which consists of playing pranks or jokes on each other. Obviously to live in community one needs a great sense of humor. Otherwise cohabitation, considering it is not always easy, will not last long at all!

Certainly everyone has their own sense of humor and a certain lightness in living the various situations, but there are people who are specialists at executing a prank. Not so much because they have more of a sense of humor than others, but because they are real masters in the preparation of the joke itself and in the creation of a network of complicity that supports it. Are you wondering why I am telling you about this phenomenon? The reason is because so many of these pranks require a very long preparation and after the holidays I feel that there is still a playfulness in the air. Sometimes I think I can see people’s thoughts, as if there were a comic over their heads, and then I figure out that someone must be up to something!

To be clear, these pranks or jokes should never intend to be mean, create a bad mood, or hurt anyone. They should be managed with intelligence, so that not even the prankster himself is discovered. Obviously you can make a little fun of the person involved, and maybe even touch on some of his weak points… but that remains between you and me! Now I will tell you about my favorite prank ever! Some years ago the architect of this hilarious prank was able to send a letter from the Nobel Prize office to one of the Damanhurian researchers. The text expressed appreciation for his work and asked for insights saying that they were told about this little out of the way place called Valchiusella, where special research was being carried out in which they were very interested.
They asked if the person could be available to travel to Sweden to hold a conference on this research, as they were considering proposing it for the Nobel Prize.

The person in question had opened the letter on April 1 while he was in the parking lot of our capital territory, so the author of the joke could observe the reaction! They still laugh tastefully when they tell this story! The recipient obviously could not believe his eyes, he lowered the letter, looked around, read the text again and tried to stop the people passing by but he was visibly speechless! He could not believe it and shook his head.

The joke lasted a long time, thanks to the help of others. For a few days the protagonist did not know whether or not to believe it! When it was finally revealed, he said that even if it was only a joke, it had motivated him to further engage in his research to work harder in the hopes that he would be able to make that dream become a reality! This for me was an expression of great spirit!

To all of you; a heartfelt wish to live your life with humor and to know how to grasp the opportunities that develop when we know how to play the game!