Quests are dynamic formulas that can be used in meditation and in daily life. Their formulation is the result of the collective conquests of Damanhur, but each person can interpret them according to their own talents and characteristics.

The first quest speaks of action. To act means to be active, to make events happen, to change reality, to move from the position in which we find ourselves while filling what we do with intention.

Being still and passive can also be an action in some cases, if inaction corresponds to the precise choice of doing nothing because it is believed to be the best thing to do. But in general, acting means doing, creating and moving events.

Since doing means to have chosen what to do, choice is the first element of the action. Choice means free will and free will means taking responsibility for oneself and one’s own behaviour.

It goes without saying that action is not to be confused with reaction. In action a force develops, a living direction that draws on the energy of the choice made; on the contrary, in reaction we often lose the connection with our center and we are subjected to the influence of the previous condition.

In Damanhurian philosophy the value of action corresponds to the first quest because life is an adventure of transformation of oneself and of the world that takes place through one practical action after the other. Of course, through actions that have an underlying thought and meaning.

The first quest therefore suggests to be active people who know how to conceive, make, propose, realize, decide and never be simply passive in the face of every situation. If you are unable to, ask and choose to learn it by committing yourself.

Acting also means intensely living in the moment in which the action takes place, and the first question then leads to the next concept of “experiencing the moment” filling the single moment with meaning so as to make it unique, unrepeatable and for this reason deeply nourishing.

Some “fundamental ingredients” of living in the moment are: indifference, humor, application of free will, taking responsibility and overcoming the habit. Not attachment to the fruit of the action.

The next quest is: how many times do we act free from conditioning and make choices that deeply nourish our soul?