Quests are dynamic formulas that can be used in meditation and in daily life. Their formulation is the result of the collective conquests of Damanhur, but each person can interpret them according to their talents and their characteristics.

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The Sixth Quest is the integration of the 4th and 5th Quests. Within every human being, the female and male components respond to the same path of growth: for this reason the contents of the 4th and 5th Quests, also referring to the two different genres, become the 6th Quest, with common characteristics of both.

This Quest deals with the theme of life as creation: the divine spark that is within each individual can create life from nothing, it is an act of power and awareness, which arises from the maturation of the values ​​acquired in the path of the Quests.

The human being is a divine fractal so what he will create can only have a divine imprint: this is the reason why everyone is a creator being. Creation comes from a dream, and the formula for achieving this result passes through the use of various ingredients: generosity, goodness, action-form, education, art, fantasy and imagination.

The “art” Quest is also considered, given the creative value of the latter.

Every human being is formed by a male polarity and a feminine polarity: this duality, harmonized and recomposed into a uniqueness, allows each being to be in contact with the divine energies of the universe.

The force and energy that are derived from this process are freed through fantasy and art, elements that allow us to channel our divine essence towards others.

The question is: what are the actions that bring me to express my creative potential in everyday life?