Quests are dynamic formulas that can be used in meditation and in everyday life. Their formulation is the result of the collective conquests of Damanhur, but each person can interpret them according to their talents and their characteristics.

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The Fifth Quest is related to the male component of every human being. The next step in the stabilization referred to in the Fourth Quest is… the mutation! In fact, when the transformation of parts of oneself is stabilized, the time comes to change again, that is to make a harmonic inner revolution that changes the overall frequency of the individual.

Shedding, in nature, is the periodic renewal of the feathers in birds, hair in mammals, skin in reptiles and the entire exoskeleton in insects. This mutation leads to a continuous becoming that is able to maintain a connection with its origins. It is necessary to know how to discover and rediscover, with intelligence and awareness every form of habit, to be able to maintain its positive aspects, avoiding however, any form of automatic conditioning that derives from the environment and education received.

The meaning of the Fifth Quest is therefore in the ability to direct each part of the self towards a growth objective, maintaining this condition in time until making it a “physiological” necessity for our being, a harmonious inner revolution lived with pleasure, with the awareness that every day is a new field of conquest for each of us, the opportunity to change skin without suffering, but with a spirit of adventure!

Stability is not contrary to the principle of mutation, for as Heraclitus stated: “Everything changes, except the law of change.”