Quests are dynamic formulas that can be used in meditation and in everyday life. Their formulation is the result of the collective conquests of Damanhur, but each person can interpret them according to their own talents and characteristics.

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The 7th Quest opens to a new vision: to accept the uncertainty that arises from the understanding of our limited ability to perceive life in its essence. “Everything is as it is not, or … nothing is as it seems”, quotes the text of the Seventh Quest.

Coming to this awareness is part of the process of spiritual growth and evolution. Faced with the discovery of how partial our ability to perceive life (the external senses limit and condition our vision of reality) a new solidity is born, built moment by moment, which makes us consider everything from a new perspective: we are creatures that possess only the soul that possesses us.

What, on the other hand, is reality? Quantum Physics opens the curtain to new, revolutionary scenarios that see us immersed in a complex ecosystem made up of parallel reality plans, governed by laws that go beyond the ordinary laws still taught at school.

The Seventh Quest fully embraces the openings of Quantum Physics and makes us question the nature of reality, defining the “real-form as a bubble of appearance-form” and ourselves as “a point understood in all that includes everything”.
In this perspective, the doubt and the ability to adapt our logic to the idea that time as a convention is not real, and that matter is empty with empty forms, become engines to the demolition of certainties, to be able to build every existence in the continuous mutation, which is evolution.

It is an alchemical question, which dissolves all certainty to re-consolidate new points of reference based on the ability to accept uncertainty, doubt and adaptability as unique strengths.
The Seventh Quest therefore, invites everyone to make everything changeable within themselves, to seek no longer certainties but fluidity, in order to participate in a new and constantly renewable logic.

It is the Quest of constructive doubt: doubt, in the Damanhurian vision, is not the element that puts distance between us and things, slowing down and causing us to be lukewarm, but on the contrary it is the intelligent process to compare every theme, every situation, every ideal, to establish our links with them.

The Seventh Quest teaches the art of flexibility and the “readiness of inner reflexes”, conditions that are constructive because they can rely on the stable values ​​that have been achieved through the previous Quests.
Finally, only the now makes us free.