Many people ask us what is the formula that makes Damanhur exist and continue to grow even after the death of Falco Tarassaco, founder and spiritual guide of Damanhur, given the high percentage of communities that do not survive the departure of their founders.

Despite his charisma, when Falco was alive he never wanted to take on the role of a “guru” on which all the choices depend, so even after his death nothing has changed in the Damanhurian decisional, managerial and organizational system. On the other hand, his presence has never failed since 2013, when he left his body, because death is not the end of our experience, but only a passage onto other dimensions.

This applies to all the deceased people. In fact, every month in Damanhur we celebrate in the Temples of Humankind, a moment dedicated to contact with the dimension of the threshold where the souls of the dead remain until the next incarnation. With this contact it is possible to feel how subtle the distance is that separates us from them and we can perceive their messages which are often full of joy and optimism.

Falco’s major concern in leaving this plane of reality was that we had lost the connection with the magical dimension of our existence. He urged us until his very last days to believe in our potential; the power that comes from the love that binds us and our immense dream that we can only achieve if we are truly united and cohesive.

To remind us of all this he left letters to a special “postman”, to whom he asked to deliver and read them after his passing. They are letters full of magic, hope, synchronicity, love, humor and nostalgia, without losing his usual enthusiasm with which he has always stimulated us to reach our goals!

There are letters and intentions for everyone, which fills our hearts with tenderness because they have been designed for all of us, even in the most difficult moments of his illness, he did not preserve his strength but chose to leave his thoughts and words as a gift to each one of us.

Falco was, indeed, an extraordinary figure in all of our lives. Those who did not know him in person could meet him in the dream world. In the culture of ancient peoples, dreams are the favored channel for exchanging information and experiences between this plane of reality and the subtle dimensions. It is not difficult to tune into the right frequencies if the desire is dense.

The bridge built between these two worlds, our dimension and that of our dreams, is strong, and as the native peoples have always done with their ancestors, the Damanhurians can maintain the connection with their deceased. Not to remain attached to the past, but to be able to renew and remain in contact with their roots.