How much potential is contained within us? A lot! Not only referable to the essence of our soul, which carries within itself a divine spark linked to our origin, but also to the different personalities of which we are composed, and which represent a sample of characters, experiences and really colorful talents!

Instead of thinking that having more personalities within ourselves represents a problem, or worse still an illness, in Damanhur we think it is a unique resource that we can draw on to live a happier and more complete life.

Knowing our inner voices (we can even call them that) makes us more aware of how we can manage the challenges that everyday life places before us. As a conductor directs every single element of the orchestra, everyone can learn how to play their instruments (personalities) in the most opportune moment, avoiding a trombone solo while the score would require the harmonies of a violin!

If this example is too theoretical, just think about what happens in everyday life,  and then open the text of the whole article below
For example you can find yourself facing a job interview with the guide of ourselves the most fragile and defenseless personality, or you can go to the appointment feeling corageous without realizing that our dominant personality, at that moment, is the expert organizer interested only in the operational and logistical aspects.

We experience so many situations every day, especially when we have no idea of ​​how many there are within ourselves and what characteristics express our personalities.

Spiritual Physics in Damanhurian philosophy states that the divine spark present in every human being has the characteristic of attracting different personalities. These are found in the interregnum, called “Threshold”, which extends as a “buffer” between this material and spiritual dimension, which in Damanhur we call “Real”, from which the divine spark itself originates.

When a new being is about to be born the soul detaches itself from the Real, passes through the Threshold and collects a “bunch” of personalities that represent the “kit” for the life of the newborn.

In the oriental culture, the karma produced by the unborn child in his previous life determines the composition of the different personalities, so that through the whole range of possible experiences the soul can mature the divine indifference necessary to achieve enlightenment.
The different personalities can be assimilated, in some respects, to the concept of previous lives, but it is limiting to consider them only as such.

Through a technique that ranges from artistic expression to play, from observation to comparison with others, in Damanhur you can learn to contact and harmoniously integrate the different personalities, face the inner conflicts and discover how to recognize and recall our various parts, to guide our life more fluidly.

The Course of Iner Personalites  is the beginning of a process that lasts a long time and which can be managed independently, once the fundamental techniques to identify their personalities and establish contact with them.
Well, what are you waiting for?