Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven (social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.


135 - Blowing on the fire may be positive or negative. Do not see it as only for yourself! Meditate.
2 - The more material things you search for, the more you are their slave.


546 - The emptiness is filled. The full is as you desire. Equilibrium on the two plates.
3 - The right person. Do not look for a stick.


134 - In the earth. On the Earth. Above the earth. In the sky. Humility.
5 - Harmony with delicate action.


336 - The end of the world. Rains and hurricanes. Destroying to renew.
4 - New people, crisis, new nutrition habits. Spirit of adaptation is indispensable.


323 - Away with the mask. Humility. You will be accepted the way you are.
1 - Show yourself as you are: it will be a new face and that will be your strength.


541 - Think about your life purpose. Aim at the eye of the target. More self-confidence.
3 - Aim higher, positive pride. It is not presumption.


536 - Give more. How can you think that you deserve things? You will receive by having Knowledge.
1 - Providence exists. It is Synchronicity.


356 - Seasons and ages renew themselves. You are old if you want to be old. You are young if you want to be.
4 - Grafting makes better fruit.


363 - Your place in the great mosaic. The design is harmonious.
3 - Beyond your comprehension is the Design. Accepting.


212 - By sighing, you are not building. Others are also timid!
4 - Act impulsively. Now.


526 - Change. Do not hide your head in a false security.
1 - Believe in minors, as long as you can control.


645 - The hour, the moment. Love the plants. Incomplete list.
4 - Fear not, now. Fasting.

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