Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven (social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.


442 - The night brings symbolic images of the new day.
I - The Point of your life. It is now!


626 - Weak harmony. A dark green Breve* is synchronic for you. In asking for it. In wearing it. In carrying it.
V - Watch yourself with detachment.
* A Breve is a small bag made with natural fabric, containing salt, camphor and healing herbs. They were widely used in ancient natural medicine.


413 - Stop repeating "and if..." Only what is synchronic happens. If you ask for negative synchronicity, you will get it.
IV - The power of positive thinking ties you to positive lines.


631 - Truth, you know, is a crystal with many faces. Accept the ones which are offered to you. The path. Initiation.
II - Be proud of being a part of the things you are experiencing.


525 - A surprise. Everything is to be taken well. Adaptation.
V - Adapting oneself and adapting. Balance.


214 - Your states of consciousness are too variable. Focus them with prayer.
II - Waiting for a piece of news.


151 - Why do you not listen to music anymore? It is constant and in time, it brings healthy thoughts back to you.
III - You do not trust enough. Why?


542 - The witness. Remember the way you are, forget the way you were, desire the way you will be.
I - Think better of yourself!


553 - Division. Breaking apart to unite. Burnt wood. Health of neighbors diminished.
VI - Perfumed offerings, ritual.


115 - If your body were taken care of, your mind would be clear.
III - The false has to be paid for.


343 - The sun is larger in the morning, but it warms less. In the afternoon, when it is no longer a novelty, it warms more. Perseverance.
I - Beyond appearances, go.


516 - Heat is harmful to you. Cold is healthy for you. Nobility of intention.
V - Rebalancing the forces of your body. Yin Yang.

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