Sometimes we hear hasty comments about Damanhur saying, “Ok, magic exists for those who believe in it.”
People do so to take a little distance, to say in an indirect way that they do not believe it, that we are the good guys, even if perhaps a little strange. But in reality this approach ignores something profoundly true: magic does exist and manifests itself above all for those who believe in it, for those who put their energy, their attention and their participation into what happens, which helps magic itself to “take place”.

How we look at the stars

Reality is made up of things that manifest themselves in a more objective form and things that are more subjective. Mathematics is objective, the number of stars and the law of gravity are objective. At least that is what they teach us at school.

But if we ask if a number is small or big, if the stars are beautiful or if they are boring, if a weight is sustainable or not, we enter into a subjective evaluation. The stars are considered beautiful or boring not only in terms of the character of the observer but also in the function of the moment, of the person with whom he shares them and of the events of the day. In the same way, whether a weight is sustainable or not depends on the muscle mass but also how many weights have been lifted up to that moment and the motivation for which it must be done. For example, pulling a loved one out of the quicksand brings us to develop a force infinitely superior to that which we develop when we have to move a branch to make order in the garden.

After all, quantum physics says that matter and time can exist or do not exist. It depends on the lenses of the glasses with which we observe them. We invite you to read the book “How many holes does a ring have?”, by Gnomo Orzo, to better understand what we mean.

A beneficial force

Magic is part of those things that manifest themselves on the basis of subjective participation. All the books of esotericism, of alchemy, and also all the books that speak of instinctive, popular and traditional magic, are like books of theory, which become practical in the presence of a fundamental element: personal conviction.

Any person whether they are beautiful, ugly, stupid or intelligent, in good faith, or in bad faith, can manage to cook an egg, if he carefully follows the instructions contained in the recipe. The “phenomenon” will happen, without the need for additional ingredients.

Instead, for magic to develop its own beneficial force, it is important for people to add their own personal element such as trust, a method, il desire or even simply the willingness to be amazed rather than the need to deny everything, including the evidence.

Becoming Merlin the magician

Let us ask ourselves then: what is magic? A good definition can be just this: it is an exact science, among the parameters of which there is the subjective attitude.. Or if we prefer: it is the set of phenomena that happen better if people invest a little of their own energy instead of being simple observers.

To recover from illness, to realize a dream, to make a garden flourish, to achieve a good quality of life, to be full of optimism instead of always thinking of the worst: these are phenomena that fall precisely into this series. It is not just a matter of suggestion or creative imagination (a very important element, if used well) but it is precisely a way to be aligned with the laws of life, which therefore allows life to express itself towards us as we desire.

If we want to become wizards, there are specialized study paths, and in the meantime we can start believing in life and magic!

So, what are you waiting for to believe us? To think that things can happen better, if you accompany them with your thought?