The School of Alchemy of Damanhur is born from the teachings of Falco Tarassaco. Within the Damanhurian School of Thought, Alchemy is a path to the transformation of oneself through the distillation of pure vital elements. And since transforming oneself also implies the transformation of one’s own way of relating to others, to time, to well-being, to desires, the study path of Alchemy involves many different fields.
Alchemy is an ancient discipline, which combines knowledge from different cultures, which Falco revisits with a new key, linked to the era in which the planet is passing through these years.
Here is an excerpt of his speeches, made over the years about his vision of the alchemical path, as proposed by the Damanhurian School of Alchemy.

A part of Magic

“There are some writings made to deviate and there are some writings made to teach. This is the rule in alchemy that is often hidden and makes it so that only those who are on the initiatory path are able to understand.
Alchemy falls within the most complex framework of magic. The magician is that individual who is able to use the most diverse types of science: if he has to use chemistry, then he will be a chemist, if he needs physics he will be a physicist, if he needs elements of medicine he will be a doctor . In the same way the alchemist accesses specialized information in order to achieve a result that no chemist, no mechanic, and no engineer can achieve.
When one speaks of the highest levels of alchemy, it is said that it is not a matter of finding the way out of a maze but of traveling a whole path: one must therefore also follow blind roads.

The Pure Alchimist

Often, however, in ancient times, alchemists had to work to achieve more practical discoveries, for which, for example in the Middle Ages, they were very busy producing gunpowder. In these cases, the alchemist, having dedicated himself to purely material ends, has become the chemist.
Instead, the pure alchemist continued to seek, through the manipulation of material forces, to attain ever more subtle spiritual forces, making exceptional discoveries in the field of magic. The alchemist is similar to the artist who, by carving a block of marble and perfecting his work, perfects himself. When it finally comes to light, this happens not because he has perfected the block of marble but because he has perfected himself.

The Highest Goal

The pure alchemist does not seek for himself but for others, that is, he does not search for realization to achieve personal power. In the esoteric field it is always necessary that a spiritual plan be shared by a group of human beings, who pursue a common plan.
An example: how much is entered by the alchemists within the synchronic lines in order to spread a thought, for example the respect for nature, can allow different attitudes to mature in humans towards the planet.
Alchemy, in this view, does not represent a process of transformation as an end in itself or to reach personal power, but rather a tool to broaden the consciousness. Everything related to human experience is potentially within the concept of Alchemy, and becomes alchemical when interaction, encounter, division, separation and union produce elements that can in some way be useful.

Our alchemical laboratory– the body

We can produce a very large quantity of substances. Over a million substances are manufactured through your body. We are literally alchemical laboratories and if these laboratories are used well, if they adequately connect the substances they know how to produce or if they can collect what can be useful, they can get closer to incredible powers, doing extraordinary things for others.

Perfection to be achieved

In Alchemy you want to reach the ideal perfection of the human being. Perfection means having a purpose in life and having the means to achieve this purpose. It means identifying what your talents can be to achieve these goals, to identify individual characteristics and, in the end, to succeed in identifying and pursuing the purpose of one’s own existence.


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