Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven (social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.


153 - It is not fortune; it is not your moment. When the moon is waxing, renew yourself and repeat.
1 - The new scents bring new memories.


333 - Balance is the golden mean. You are protected. Every effort will be rewarded. The right duty is Sattvic.
3 - HOD. Order and legality.


143 - Colors for your children, your siblings, for you. What is your true color?
6 - Sky blue. Calm.


545 - The light is steady and it is not suffocated by the storm. Strength.
5 - Conscious decisions. Irremovability.


512 - Illness. Disharmony. This isn't artistic. Fog in your eyes.
2 - No two-faced behavior. It would be unworthy of you.


314 - If you are so good in what you do and what you decide, demonstrate that it is not presumption.
1 - Proper pride, union with the one(s) sharing with you ideas and things.


344 - Your indecision and insecurity are bad. If you breathe your own air, there is no advancement.
5 - Envy is not in your style.


421 - Harmony. From great to small. Health.
6 - At the right place, greater Understanding.


461 - An important appointment. Even a leaf falling has a reason.
2 - Do not miss these unrepeatable moments.


622 - Observe your hand. The doubt of formation. Demon of baptism.
2 - The Priestess shapes your fate. Free will.


222 - Sleep. Plan your day, the fatigue will be less and the result better.
1 - Silent intuition.

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