Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven (social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.


4221 - Give a little gift, even if it is not a special day. This is Synchronic in the chain of events. - Give to who you believe in, whatever you are able.


6211 - Metal. Today it is synchronic for you. Time of meditation and astral traveling. - Synchronic bracelet.


6215 - Metal. Today it is synchronic for you. Time of meditation and astral traveling. - Great Test successfully overcome.


3214 - The image of the first animal or insect you will see during the day, from this moment on. The symbol of the Answer. - Be less attached to form and pay more attention to substance. Where are you going?


6425 - Closing Synchrodoor. Re-opening by chance. Science through the Rite. - New pathways.


4636 - Secret writing. Reading with the right state of consciousness. Shining. - You can understand what is not written. Read between the lines.


2165 - Life is Knowledge. This the high Aim. The Ultimate. The number of synchronic completeness. - Do not miss your chances. Growth.


2421 - Death. Renewal. Close to you. - Do not fear. Trustful waiting.


2334 - Knowing how to stop at the right place on the steps can mean gathering strength for a new leap. - Live better that which you say. Sincerity.


3245 - The earth. Returning. Give "yourself" to the trees and call their spirits; not to ask, to give. - Light diffused by the Ancient.


1524 - Observe your hands. They are you. You must be your hands too. Presumption. - You are not the most important being.


5412 - Think about your life purpose. Aim at the eye of the target. More self-confidence. - What do you want, really? Decide.

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