A happy place that is alive

How do you transform an abandoned forest into a temple that celebrates the meeting between the Gods and humans?
To give life to the Sacred Woods the citizens of Damanhur have bought many pieces of land year after year, uniting very small plots so that the area of the Sacred Woods is now comprised of many hectares.
The previous owners used the forest as a source of firewood, and to this end they cut it down to almost bare every few years: sapless trees grew without experience, there was no undergrowth and there were no more animals living there.
The Damanhurians have nurtured it, taking care of it with love and within a few years the trees have grown strong and healthy once again. The birds are back, and with them also butterflies, deer, hares, badgers and even wild boar. Today the Woods are alive, loved and happy!

A forest that is still too young…

Despite this, there are not many old trees and seniority is one of the most important characteristics of trees, because, contrary to what happens in the animal kingdom, older trees are the most powerful elements of the forest. They are the wisest and preserve the memory of our history and of our planet, including the history of humanity. Furthermore, they act as communication antennas with the cosmos.
Through the Synchronic Lines network, in fact, the plant species is in communication with the different planets, which in turn are living beings. The individual ability of each plant to connect to this network depends on awareness, age and history of each individual tree. These are the roots – comparable to the “brain” of the plant, which determine the type of energy message to send.

But it is getting older!

To help our trees in the Sacred Woods become “older”, in April 2015, through a ritual operation that involved many people, we connected the Sacred Woods to an ancient forest of Redwoods, in California. Since then, the Sacred Woods of Damanhur has had access to the thousands of years of memories of those trees, and in turn those of the Redwoods can use the mystical energies of the Sacred Woods, modulated by the Temples of Humankind and the stone circuits located there.
A second connection was made in July 2015 with the trees of Iceland, a third with those of Hawaii in December 2015, and in January 2016 another with those of Croatia. This operation still continues in different parts of the world. At the same time, other Sacred Woods continue to be consecrated to create a network of trees in a chosen alliance with humanity on the whole planet.
Visiting the Sacred Woods here in Damanhur therefore means getting in contact with plants that are older than the planet, even if they may be far away.

Do you want to visit the Sacred Woods?