Those who come to visit Damanhur for the first time often have the sensation of entering into an anthill where everyone runs around busy, and this is no different than any other place. However, what they all notice is that while people pass each other quickly, they smile and greet each other with love and kindness.
Now that’s strange!

“You seem to be very busy but not stressed like so many people who live in out there in the world” said a guest recently. “How do you manage to do so many things without losing your smile?”
Every Damanhurian has their answer, but all together we can say that the difference lies in working to build a shared dream where everyone does their own unique and precious part. In the midst of so much work to do, everyone has the satisfaction of making a piece of this great puzzle grow, a puzzle invented and colored by everyone’s imagination.

Happiness comes when the things we experience are not submitted to, when we do not adapt to a system because “it’s just like this and we can’t do anything to change it.” When projects and objectives come from personal initiative, the energy to achieve them is enormous, compared to when you work just to get a salary.

The more the projects grow, the more the multidimensional complexity of this puzzle grows!
Our hope is that our example – like that of many other communities – can inspire and trigger as many people as possible to choose and invent their own existence, without adapting to living a life that someone else has chosen for them.