Conflicts arise not only among those who do not know each other, but also among those who love each other and have decided to share their lives together.

Even in Damanhur there are conflicts, seeing as how we are normal people and, for the moment, not yet enlightened (but only for a little while longer! ;))

What allows us to mitigate this and resolve conflicts is not a magic formula (although it would be great to have one) but rather many different approaches that work in synergy.

Here are some of them:

1. Get help from others. If they are present at the time of the discussion, it is not their misfortune, but it is a fortune for the people who are not succeeding in communicating with each other. Those who are not involved in the conflict can serve as a translator for the different kinds of logic that are not coming together in that moment.

2. Ask questions before loosing your temper. Maybe you did not understand very well, and a few more answers, everything gets resolved.

3. Before opening your mouth, ask yourself if what you are about to say is what you really think in everyday life.

4. Remember that the person who is making us see red at that moment is the same person whom we find lovable, nice, and appreciable at other times.

5. In any case, do not take so seriously what is being said when blood goes to the head, because when it calms down, 90% of the things said were not really true thoughts.

6. If you were not able to contain yourself, apologize within a week of the discussion. The next time it will be more difficult to have a relapse.

The list is open. Would you like to add your suggestions?