A community of individualists, this is how we define Damanhur. It may seem like a paradox but it is not. A community, like any other group, is made up of individuals. So, creating a space for individual expression and improvement is fundamental for everyone’s well being. It is also essential for the growth of the community, union and everyone’s involvement. Each one of us, with our particular diversity, makes the lives of others more rich and colorful.

For this very reason, one of the four pillars that support Damanhur is dedicated to personal growth: the Tecnarcato.

The Tecnarcato is a set of methods and tools that favor and encourage individual renewal. It involves the creation of a program based on deadlines with precise goals, and the choice of a friend who will be your mirror on this journey, to help you stay on the path.

We believe that by improving ourselves, we get the most out of life, and we can also give the best of ourselves to the community.

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