So many of our goals are chosen rationally. If we want to live in a new house, the house needs to be built. Although, what happens with less “physical” goals, ones that are less clear inside of us? In Damanhurian philosophy, there are some aspects of human beings which are important in order to have a wider vision of one’s own goals.

1) Human Beings have a divine spark inside themselves, one that is to be reawakened. In a nutshell, we are not here just to work, have a family, buy a home and travel, however nice these experiences may be. ☺
So we try to have spiritual goals. This does not mean that we do not have material goals. We believe that divinization comes about through matter, though it means keeping perspective and having more ambitious goals as well.

2) The Human Soul is much more expansive than we usually think it is. In Damanhur, we affirm that the plant, animal and nature spirit worlds are also part of the Human Soul. If this is true, I ask myself: how much of the attention I place on where I am going integrates these aspects of myself?

3) Human Beings are time beings, not just beings in space. In recent years, there are more and more people who want to travel around the world in search of ever new experiences. How much of this desire reflects our aspiration to travel in other dimensions? To travel, for example, in the astral world, that of dreams? Or, to seek dimensions that give us the perception of ourselves as beings who move in time and not only in space?

For us, this is all very stimulating. We would like to share some techniques that can help you to define your goals for the coming year. We also invite you to not wait until 2018 to do this, and to take advantage of the summer’s effervescence that you’ve just experienced to shape an unforgettable year.

Use of divination:
People say that as humans, we only use a small percentage of our brains. Falco knew how to joke about this, saying that we still have our brain wrapped in cellophane. ☺
This means that many so-called “irrational” techniques can be useful to access parts of our brain that we have not yet learned how to use, where there are hidden inspirations that might lead us to discover our true talents. Why don’t we use divination, for example? In Damanhur, we have many different divination techniques, and the most popular one is the tarot. Why don’t you ask a question with tarot cards, such as: What are my talents to rediscover this year? We await the perhaps surprising answer that will come. It is even better if the reading is done by someone else and not ourselves, to avoid being influenced by our expectations.
Often, we also use the Book of Synchronicity, which you can consult online (paying attention to the directions for doing a consultation).

Contact with the plant world:
In Damanhur, research on communicating with the plant world has been done since the earliest days (43 years ago). It is one of the important research points here, seeing as how this world is a part of our soul. So, why don’t we consult this world too? Why not go to a forest, contact a tree and hear what it has to tell us about our desires and goals? In the last few years, we have been carrying out a series of research projects about increasing our well being through contact with the “green” world. Some of this research leads us to believe that a plant can be in tune with a person and give a beneficial energy/vibration that leads to greater mind-body harmony. If plants are capable of doing this, then could they give us insights about our path to self-realization? We believe so.

Using groups:
How many times in your life have you set common goals in a group with other people? (excluding business goals ☺) Usually, our most intimate goals are ones we seek individually, at most including the people we are closest to. A very important aspect in Damanhur is the value of the group, from the family group, to the working group, to the research group, to the artistic ones. In each area, we set common goals. In this way, we realize far more than we could have on our own, because the synergy of our efforts, ideas and talents makes it so that magic can manifest.
Why don’t you find a group of people with whom you share interests, friendships and dreams, and set some common goals? It is easier for the goals to be realized in this way, since there will always be someone who will lend a hand to help out others in the process.

In accordance with what has been described above, we used the Book of Synchronicity to write this article. We wrote the article in the Sacred Woods Temple, and we worked in a group to write it!

And you? What methods do you use to define your goals? What are the most effective ones? If this article inspired you to use a new method, please write about your experiences. We are very interested in hearing about them!