We believe in people who want to change the world, dream impossible goals and who listen to their heart.
We believe that without them our planet has limited days.
We’re looking for them, are you one of them?

Damanhur is not Silicon Valley, it’s much, much better. It is a community of real people able to build a non-virtual reality where we exchange gestures, looks, ideas, smiles, intuitions, doubts and favors, where we can change our mind to find the best way to do things.
It is a community where you think with your hands, where children grow, we listen to the elderly, talk to the plants and work together to make impossible dreams come true.
It is beautiful because it is imperfect, and because it wants to improve.
It is made to grow, discuss and confront, and it is made to reflect.
It is everything that we have not yet imagined and that it can become.
It’s a lot of houses, lots of people, lots of exchange and lots of fun!
It is also silence and meditation, listening and welcoming.
It is one of the hearts of the world.
Now tell us, are you one of the ones that we are looking for to help us make this heart beat even stronger?

Come and visit us

to see if Damanhur is the place where you can invest your heart and your hands in a common project.