There are so many different stories and an myriad of reasons to explain what has motivated each one of us to undertake a spiritual path and decide to participate in Damanhur.

This is the story of Diomedea (Wandering Albatross) who has lived in Damanhur for 22 years. The first time Diomedea came to Damanhur was during her honeymoon, and what should have been a 4 day visit, became a life long choice of coming to live in Damanhur.

Diomedea grew up in Sicily and first heard about Damanhur at the opening of the damanhurian center in Palermo. For a long time she had been feeling that there was something missing in her life, that the life she was living and what she saw around her didn’t resemble the dreams she carried inside, dreams for a more sustainable and happier society. So, she had been searching for a way to contribute, to help realise this dream for humanity, and in 1995, at the Damanhur opening in Palermo, she felt that she’d finally found her path.

Diomedea, thank you for contributing with your dream, and through it helping to keep the dream of Damanhur alive!