Walking in the woods

In the Sacred Woods of Damanhur you can walk without fear of the bad wolf, even the darkness here is a friend! The Woods is always a peaceful and sacred place.
In fact, all the traditions of the world, of every continent and era, tell tales of plants that speak, of gardens that host trees of knowledge and of plant, human and divine lives that are intertwined by destiny. They tell of trees that connect humanity to the universe and say that these creatures point to a path along which the divine consciousness can descend into forms and human beings that can reach the Gods.
Today, in the dominant culture, we are no longer able to recognize ourselves as one with the ecosystem in which we live and it is apparent that we have lost the understanding of how the life of the trees is joined to ours. We are in the midst of a global crisis.
Will we manage to get out of it?


In Damanhur we are convinced that the answer is yes.
We also think that only a creative alliance between all the species of the earth can allow us to find the solution. If we connect to the life of the planet, and no longer continue to think that we are the only beings and the only species that can think and feel emotion, we can receive inspiration to face every emergency. We can regain awareness of our deep values, and avoid the disasters that occur when nature it expresses itself strongly.
If we listen to the whisper of the trees, uniting the dream to our actions we could find solutions also to the increasingly frequent and frightening environmental disasters, that still, science and technology can neither prevent nor avoid. Like all native peoples, even if we Damanhurians are not necessarily considered native, we believe that trees are the living antennas that connect our planet to the cosmos and that from them we can obtain information, signals and insights in this direction.


We are already trying.
The energetic and spiritual ecosystem of the Sacred Woods creates a special “bubble” of peace, in which one can perceive the slow, vital and joyous rhythms of the plant world. In this context it is easy to get in touch with our deepest senses, those of the soul, to find answers outside the usual schemes and let new sensations, intuitions and talents emerge to be translated into poetry, beauty, music, and information.
The tree-guardian of the Sacred Woods is an oak tree called Diamantel, in the middle of a blue stone spiral. With simple preparation exercises and slowly walking the circular path to her, you can get in touch with her essence and listen to the ancient stories of the trees that can give many suggestions on how to write the modern stories of man.