When we say “save the soul”, in whatever we might believe, we mean: to give meaning to our life, making it a path in which every day, we are a little more patient, generous, and curious than the day before and we can recognize the deep meanings of the events around us.

What will save your soul? Will it be meditation? Will it be crystals? Will it be the understanding of your past lives?
Will you reach the goal of awareness thanks to an enlightened master, or a specific form of yoga?
Anyone looking for deep answers to life’s questions such as; who are we? where do we come from? how does a lady like Melania stay with Mr. Trump? may encounter many proposals that can help find answers. The world is inhabited by sages who have founded schools of thought and suggest individual paths or experiences of collective growth. There are many religions, based on dogmatic assumptions and just as many roads of free spirituality, based on everyday experience. There are esoteric and mystical schools, even the experiences of philosophical speculation, if carried out coherently, can be vehicles for spiritual growth.
There are countless forms of yoga, pranayama, harmonization, and mysticism that can educate our body and our senses to enter the dimension of pure energy and the perception of the absolute.

A path for everyone

The tools that can help us on our journey of exploration are as many, when we are on one hand increasing the quality of our life, on the other hand expanding the boundaries of our experience, perhaps with crystals, pentacles and amulets, mandalas, prayer rugs, rebalancing bracelets, chakra trials and many others.
All these teachings, experiences, practices, and objects, when they are born from authentic intuitions, are true and precious. In spiritual practice, there are no better roads and also there are no roads that lead to nowhere. We, of course, love the teaching of Falco Tarassaco more than any other and what has come out of his spiritual provocations, such as inner harmonization, the Meditation course, the communities, the list is very long, but beyond that which we live every day, we know that for everyone there is a suitable path of research, a right intuition, an adequate teaching and a sweet inner voice. The road to the realization of the Self is open to anyone and every tool you meet along the way can be of great help.

The past and the present

So, going back to the initial question: “What will save your soul?”, The answer is: no enlightened teacher will do it, no meditation, no object charged with power and energy. It is you, and only you, that has the power to do it.
In other words, a path in which our conscience is refined and makes us better. Maybe we will illuminate ourselves, maybe we will not make it in this lifetime but in any case, when the doors of the Beyond open wide in front of us, we will be richer in experience and more sensitive to others than when the doors of the present were opened for us when we were born.
We can achieve a similar goal only if we wish for it and if we decide to commit our life in that direction. The spiritual masters say beautiful things but if we do not choose ourselves, with our free will, to make it our discipline of life, they remain artistic expressions, aesthetically valuable but not so useful.

Powerful and extraordinary energies rest in the clear crystals that have formed in the belly of the earth but to draw on them, we must decide to develop a discipline and behavior that makes us capable of doing so, otherwise they will be just beautiful, lucky charms.
Having all the books that tell the story of all the avatars, practicing refined disciplines and possessing the oldest amulets is not enough, we need the spark that comes from our personal choice. It is us who can decide what we will achieve; it is at that point that teachings, energy, experience has a useful role.

Falco used to say that our choices give us nobility, not our habits. Damanhur was created that way, one day at a time, one choice at a time.

Stambecco Pesco