Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven (social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.


124 - Image ~ Cabala and Forms. You see castles in the clouds.
IV - The spiral in everything, unites.


164 - Write your thoughts. Diary. Put things in order.
II - Work. Evaluate your current life.


452 - If you smile with your mouth, your spirit will follow your body. Happiness if you want it.
VI - True happiness on your path. Be ready and alert.


615 - It is not true that time escapes you. It goes through you and you fly with it. Be aware of your strengths.
III - You are as old as you decide to be. Swim in time.


216 - Life is Knowledge. This the high Aim. The Ultimate. The number of synchronic completeness.
VI - Profitable operation. Risking.


214 - Your states of consciousness are too variable. Focus them with prayer.
IV - A word from faraway. Waiting.


611 - Mission. Obedience. Superior purpose. The plan is larger than you.
IV - Your mission, one day, will be revealed to you.


253 - The Falcon is above you. Illumination.
III - Light dazzles you. Do not become proud.


523 - A prankster spirit is watching you. One laughs at weaknesses, not Strength.
IV - A friendly voice.


112 - Every tree has both good and bad fruits.
V - Light fruits.


463 - Secret writing. Reading with the right state of consciousness. Shining.
IV - You will hear words that you are going to like. Search more thoroughly.


534 - Before you sleep, take stock of your day; you have given, you have received more. There are no debts.
II - Formulate and plan carefully, considering the use of your time and possibilities.

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