I remember when I first came to Damanhur in 2006. I was invited to a summer party in one of the areas that constitute Damanhur’s federation of communities, a place called “Tentyris”. After a fifteen-minute car ride from the central area I arrived at my destination. I had the distinct perception that Damanhur was really big. I can still vividly remember the sensation of dizziness I felt in my body from the immense energy that was present there. Walking around that land was like walking in an energetic vortex. What an unexpected and amazing sensation!

The party was great. We danced and sang all night long. A party we remembered for years to come. Back then, I would not imagine that a few years later, I would be living in Damanhur and Tentyris would become my home. Tentyris, the region of Damanhur more connected to water.

While researching our March divinity Tó Neinilii — god of rain of the Navajo people — I deeply considered how, in recent years I have been falling in love with water, and everything that it represents. In Tentyris, water and its spiritual essence are interwoven into our spiritual, ritual, physical, psychological and emotional life.

The most magical potion of all

Water is becoming an ever scarcer resource; some predict that a likely reason for future wars will be the scarcity of water. In accordance with the pioneering spirit of Tentyris’s inhabitants, the pursuit of water independence led us to tap into natural water springs and to create a water filtration system.

Being a community focused on the harmony of all energies, we have been researching for years into the most effective methods to keep water “alive”. We tried many systems, also complex ones involving clay pots and cascades, and sacred geometry signs, to then discover that the best solution is really a simple one: to shorten the distance water travels from its natural spring to the place where it will be used.

Water is the element that carries the spirit of life. It is the only element present in all three states of matter: liquid, solid and gas. Drinking water coming straight from nature is energetically alive water. In public water systems, water travels for miles and miles, often through old metal pipes which release toxic substances.

How fortunate I am that I can give my body — both the physical and the energetic — the most magical potion of all!

The Water Nymph

On the land in Tentyris, there is an altar dedicated to water. It is built of stone on a water spring, decorated with sculptures inspired by an ancient myth. According to the myth, there was a Water nymph who lived on that land, and helped the purse of humans to deeply connect with nature. We have had, for many years, ritual practices connected to this element. They entail days dedicated to water, group and individual meditations, water scrying and offerings through water. Over time, we have developed also many artistic forms of connection to this ecosystem and also with Divine Forces connected to water. Cultivating a reciprocal relationship with the spiritual ecosystem, an attentive balance between giving and receiving helps us live more harmoniously. This adds magic to our everyday lives: for example, the days dedicated to water, are special moments of celebration where all guests are very welcome.

Lead like water

In Tentyris we have a Charter that is the foundation of our shared life. In it, we have written the guidelines for our social and spiritual interaction and direction. To do so, we asked ourselves: which qualities of water can inspire the interactions in our community? The implications of the answer were momentous. We went from a very structured — rather masculine — organization, to a much more fluid, self-organizing community. We also realized that we need less bureaucracy and less fixed roles. Most importantly, we understood that each one of us will commit to be inspired by water and be more fluid, welcoming, adaptable in our relationships. In my life, therefore water is so much more than just a substance. It carries many metaphysical messages that I consider it as a life master. It has taught me that I can be transformed completely without losing my essence.

Thank you Tó Neinilii for giving me the opportunity to reflect on how beautiful it is to live in a community where Water inspires us to Be.

Bertuccia Bietola