Being concrete and creating new realities means knowing how to dream with energy.

Dreamers are practical, determined people, not the kind of people with their heads in the clouds. Those who dream with energy move space and time.

In Damanhur, the Dream is an Inner Sense, that is, a potential that can be reawakened, one that makes it possible for us to access information within ourselves in order to change the reality around us. This prerogative belongs to those who, like us, host an active divine principle that we call the “divine spark.”

Igniting the Sense of the Dream means exercising a power that brings humans closer to Gods: the power of creation on this and on other planes of existence.

Australian Aborigines also believe this, as their millennial culture attributes the creation and formation of this world to the Dreamtime, while for other indigenous peoples, dreaming means entering into contact with other dimensions – or territories – where life has developed and grown, just like on this planet.

In the Toltec shamanic culture, people of knowledge or shamans have the power to build physical territories in their dreams, where they can remain at will. The Senoi people of Malaysia devote themselves to building collective projects in the dream dimension, and they do not distinguish waking reality from that of dreams.

In contrast, in today’s society, more than 40 percent of the world’s population suffer from sleep disturbances, with serious health consequences. Even the cases of insomnia among children are increasing, with consequent deficits in psychological and physical development and difficulties in socialization.

The worst damage is caused by the lack of REM sleep, the time when you dream with images. Scientific studies have found that during dreams, there is a 13 percent increase in brain activity and new neural pathways are traced. This means that dreaming is literally a phase of cognitive learning, in that we have an experience that makes us grow.

Rediscovering the importance of our dreams  is crucial to enacting a change in collective awareness, to regain our potential and live a healthy life. It is not by chance that “making your dreams come true” is a common saying that defines the perfect state of happiness for human beings.

If you want to take the first steps in this direction, watch the video and follow five simple tips to start orienting your dreams!