Formica Coriandolo

I had my first lucid dreams when I was six years old. Every night, a tiger appeared to devour me. I was used to dying every night and finding myself awake in the body of the tiger. I knew I was dreaming and this made the recurring nightmare more acceptable, but I still didn’t know that I could have completely changed the destiny of my dream.

I learned to guide my dreams and to use my lucidity, many years later in Damanhur.

I was 21 years old and Falco Tarassaco  often asked us to tell him about our dreams. Seeing as how I was a passionate and curious dreamer, he asked if I wanted to learn about the phases of dreaming. “But be careful, you need constancy and discipline,” he told me with a doubtful gaze. I remember that I nodded vigorously, and despite being allergic to any form of discipline, I succeeded in convincing him that I could do it. That was how my apprenticeship began.

“The first step in Dreaming is to change your dream. Explore how many ways you are able to do it. Take note of what happens, what you encounter. When you have succeeded in doing this many times, come back to me with questions.” Dreamers are pragmatic beings, in that Falco expected concrete results from me. I made a commitment: many times during the day, I set the desire to wake up in my dreams, and with insistence, I repeated what I would do once I woke up.

With constancy, I cultivated this passionate obsession, and after six months, my prospects for dreaming were completely changed! I could awaken my lucidity ever more often and change the scenario of my dreams. The power I was able to exercise in my dreams went to my head: maybe I was the God of that world? I could change any environment just by desiring it, and the changes were so unexpected as to make me believe I was omnipotent. Excited by the results, I went to talk with Falco, full of optimism.

His reaction re-dimensioned my enthusiasm. “This is just the first step. Don’t get too attached to the results you have achieved so far or stay still for too long on this step, consuming the energy you will need to move forward.” He was right, even though I didn’t realize it at the time. Today, 35 years later, whenever I achieve a new goal, I go back to being an apprentice, more humble than before, but just as determined.

The path of discovering our potential in dreams requires a lot of will, but all the energy invested in this direction pays off in the end. Dreams are a vital part of our existence. Learning to guide them means orienting our energy more consciously, and becoming more complete beings.

Today, Falco is no longer on this plane of reality, and he has left many of us “gifts.” He left me the gift (and also the responsibility!) to teach what I have learned with his guidance. The Paths of the Dream  is a course organized in three seminars, where I teach the techniques and provide the tools I have used over the years. It is an experience for those who want to discover how to guide their journey in this magical dimension.

I hope this writing inspires you to see your dreams with fresh eyes!

Formica Coriandolo